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Table of contents,
What ty pes of questions are on t...,
List portions of exam and what of...
3  cards
General Regulatory Processes
4  cards
Licensure/Registration/Certification/Operational Requirements
16  cards
Practice Details
What is the ratio requirement of ...,
What information is required on a...,
Who can receive verbal prescripti...
28  cards
Long-term Care
Which chapter in the iac 657 cove...,
List 7 responsibilities of the pi...,
Describe requirements of emergenc...
5  cards
Emergency Medical Services
What is a pharmacy based ems program
1  cards
Healthcare Provider Details
Across different states there are...,
List two types of physicians,
List five 5 types of advanced reg...
19  cards
What are the usp chapters dealing...,
Per usp what are considered hazar...,
Do iowas compounding regulations ...
4  cards
Controlled Substances
How can controlled substance be s...,
What changes can be made to a sch...,
What changes may a pharmacist nev...
51  cards
Technician Product Verification
What chapter of iac covers techni...,
What are the requirements for a t...,
Are tech check tech programs allo...
3  cards
What immunizations are pharmacist...,
What shall an authorized pharmaci...,
What are continuing education tra...
9  cards
What chapter of iac covers naloxo...,
What is the naloxone standing order,
What requirements must be met for...
3  cards
What is required for a facility s...,
Can a pharmacist dispense a medic...,
Does iowa allow medication reposi...
13  cards

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