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An T-earrach Thiar GL
Cad is ainm don fhile,
Ca rugadh an fhile,
Cathain a rugadh an fhile
34  cards
Story Phrases
The roads were slippery,
The car went on fire,
It happened in the blink of an eye
21  cards
Dís GL
Cen fath go raibh sean tuirseach,
Ca raibh siad,
Cad a bhi sean ag deanamh
33  cards
Hurlamaboc GL
Luaigh dha rud faoin ruan,
Luaigh dha rud faoin pol,
Looking forward to
72  cards
Oisín I Dtír Na Nóg GL
To happen,
To return
55  cards
An Spailpín Fánach GL
Cad a tharla i vearsa a haon,
Wet grass,
Early in the morning
24  cards
Mo Ghrá-sa GL
Ce he an fhile,
Cen bhliain a rugadh an fhile,
Ca rugadh an fhile
30  cards
Imreoir Gortaithe
To be felt among
47  cards
Géibheann GL
Cad iad na mothuchain is mo sa dan,
Cen fath go bhfuil se bronach,
Cen fath a raibh se brodiul
26  cards
Colscaradh GL
35  cards
Seoladh dublin,
Seoladh spain,
15  cards
I said,
I was,
I made did
47  cards
Cáca Milis GL
Cerbh e an scriobhneoir,
Cerbh e an stiurthoir,
Cad e an suiomh
43  cards
An Triail - Key Words
Who wrote it,
Patriarchal society,
53  cards
An Triail - Sean Ní Chathasaigh
Sean is an out and out hypocrite ...,
But he didnt tell on liam who was...,
This shows us the double standard...
6  cards
An Triail - Máthair Máire
Its clear from the drama that bea...,
She is a christian person i raise...,
However she does not show any chr...
7  cards
An Triail - Pádraig Mac Cárthaigh
Padraig was the author of all evi...,
He met maire at the dance,
He had an interest in maire
12  cards
Géibheann - Useful Phrases AL
Caitlin maude uses personificatio...,
The animal is a metaphor for the ...,
He lost his nobility
7  cards
Géibheann - Key Words
No freedom,
31  cards
Oisín I Dtír Na Nóg - Oisín
Son of fionn,
39  cards
Oisín I dtír Na Nóg - Tréithe Bealóidis
88  cards
General Essay - Paragraph 2 AL
I will discuss the current situat...,
It can be assured that matters ar...,
According to the latest statistics
9  cards
General - Opening Paragraph AL
Do you watch tv listen to the rad...,
There isnt a day where this probl...,
There are two sides to each story...
8  cards
Colscaradh - Saol An Fhile AL
Padraig mac suibhne wrote the poe...,
He graduated in irish and in hist...,
He was a poet and a writer he was...
11  cards
Géibheann - Íomhanna AL
6 adjectives to describe the firs...,
6 adjectives to describe the 2nd ...,
The poet creates a tone and atmos...
3  cards
Géibheann - Notaí Ginearálta AL
This is a figurative poem the ani...,
It describes the life of an anima...,
When he was free he was a fierce ...
9  cards
Géibheann - Saol An Fhile AL
This poem was composed by caitlin...,
She was born in ros muc in connam...,
She was a secondary school teache...
13  cards
Useful Words In Discussing A Poem Or Story
39  cards

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