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Prophecy and Revelation
Who is angel jibril,
What is the difference between a ...,
Who is prophet ibrahim pbuh
16  cards
What are the differences between ...,
What is the role of the hadith as...,
What is the role of the sira as a...
8  cards
God is one
Explain teleological arguments in...,
Explain kalam cosmological argume...,
Explain the kalam argument critic...
11  cards
Human destiny
What is the meaning of worship,
What is the need for worship,
Is worship misunderstood by muslims
13  cards
Explain the islamic law fiqh as a...,
Explain legal analogy qiyas ijtih...,
What is alcohol in terms of islam
7  cards
Explain ihsan islamic spirituality,
Explain the remembrance of god dh...,
Explain self purification tazkiya...
10  cards
Science and philosophy
Explain the islamic contribution ...,
Explain the science contribution,
Explain the maths contribution
16  cards
Gender equality
How were arabs in pre islamic arabia,
Give an example of how girls were...,
Name a worst habit of pagan women
27  cards
Explain ibn kathir interpretation...,
Explain sayyid qutb interpretatio...,
Explain ahl al kitab interpretati...
10  cards
Justice and liberation
O amr bil maroof wa nahi anil mun...,
O and let there be arising from y...,
O the prophet said the likeness o...
24  cards
Islam and the state
What is sunnism,
What is shia,
Discuss secularisation and the st...
12  cards
Islam in Europe
Explain hijrah,
Explain religious conversion the ...,
What is the purpose of dawa
9  cards

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