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Gender Bias in Psychology - A01
Who proposed that there are 2 dif...,
What are the 2 types of biases,
What is alpha cultural bias
8  cards
Gender Bias - AO3
Feminist psychology,
Bias in research methods,
Reverse alpha bias alternative ap...
5  cards
Culture Bias in Psychology - AO1
What is alpha cultural bias,
What is beta cultural bias,
An example of alpha cultural bias
10  cards
Culture Bias in Psychology - AO3
Indigenous psychologies alternati...,
Emic etic distinction alternative...,
Bias in research methods criticism
5  cards
Determinism - AO1
What is determinism as a definition,
What is hard determinism,
What is soft determinism
13  cards
Free Will - AO1
Free will definition,
Humanistic approach,
Moral responsibility
3  cards
Determinism - AO3
Genetic vs environmental determin...,
Scientific determinism,
Criminal cases
3  cards
Free Will - AO3
Free will is just an illusion,
Research challenging free will
2  cards
Nature and Nurture - AO1
What do me mean by nature,
What do we mean by nurture,
9  cards
Nature and Nurture - AO3
Nature and nurture cannot be sepe...,
Diathesis stress importance of an...,
Nature affects nurture
4  cards
Holism - AO1
Holism definition,
Gestalt psychology,
Humanistic psychology
4  cards
Reductionism - AO1
What are the 3 levels of explanation,
We can consider any behaviour in ...,
Biological reductionism
6  cards
Holism and Reductionism - AO3
Biological reductionism strength ...,
Experimental reductionism,
Application to treatment
4  cards
The idiographic approach - AO1
What is the idiographic approach,
Qualitative methods,
Example of the idiographic approa...
3  cards
The nomothetic approach - AO1
What is the nomothetic approach,
Quantitative research,
Example of a nomothetic approach ...
3  cards
Idiographic and Nomothetic approach - AO3
Focus on the individual level str...,
Scientific basis limitation of th...,
Time consuming limitation of an i...
4  cards
Ethical implications of research studies and theory - AO1
Social sensitivity sieber and sta...,
Sieber and stanley 10 types of et...,
The research process 4 of sieber ...
7  cards
Ethical implications of research studies and theory - AO3
Wider impact of research,
Inadequacy of current ethical gui...,
May disadvantage marginalised groups
5  cards
Uplearn Socially sensitive research: AO1
What are the 5 ethical issues lis...,
What is socially sensitive research
2  cards

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