it 350 - fundamentals of data security

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Chapter 1
What is a threat environment,
What are the three goals of security,
What is a compromise
51  cards
Chapter 2 - Planning and Policy
How much of your time if done pro...,
What is the hardest and most impo...,
What is comprehensive security
59  cards
Chapter 3 - Encryption
What is cia,
What is a cipher,
How can ciphers be public and sti...
78  cards
Chapter 4 - Secure Networks
Explain the four general goals fo...,
How can information be gathered f...,
How does the castle model relate ...
80  cards
Chapter 5 - Access Control
What are the three functions of a...,
What are the four bases for authe...,
What is two factor authentication...
44  cards
Chapter 6 - Firewalls
What is a pass deny decision,
What type of packet does a firewa...,
What does the firewall do about p...
88  cards
Chapter 7 - Host Hardening
Define a host,
Why is host hardening necessary,
What are the major categories of ...
60  cards
Chapter 8 - Application Security
What can hackers gain by taking o...,
What is the most popular way for ...,
What is a buffer
70  cards
Chapter 9 - Data Protection
What is the difference between da...,
How can data be protected while i...,
What are some ways that data can ...
82  cards
Chapter 10 - Incident and Disaster Response
What three things are successful ...,
What are the four severity levels...,
Why is speed of response important
105  cards
Test 2 - Quiz Review
A ________ firewall handles all t...,
What is the spi firewall rule for...,
Application proxy firewalls can a...
58  cards
The Psychology of Security
What are the metrics of risk that...,
Exaggerate or downplay spectacula...,
Exaggerate or downplay rare risk
35  cards
Final Exam Questions
0  cards

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it 350 - fundamentals of data security

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