it essentials chapter 5

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Network Components and Types
What items are required to make a...,
What are host devices give examples,
What are intermediary devices giv...
16  cards
Connection Types
How were dial up connections conf...,
What are the internet connection ...,
How did analog telephone work
25  cards
Protocols, Standards and Services
Wha two protocols does the transp...,
Do some application layer protoco...,
Do some application layer protoco...
15  cards
Application Port Numbers
What do tcp use source and destin...,
What are source and destination p...,
What does each port have
9  cards
WLAN Protocols
What are 80211 standards,
Who are 80211 standards issued by,
What do 80211 standards specify
26  cards
Network services
What are the client server roles,
How many types of server software...,
What do clients require to reques...
17  cards
Basic Network Devices
What are the three forms of nic w...,
What do nics do what capabilities...,
What are repeaters
11  cards
Security Devices
What can firewalls be,
Where do sofwtare firewalls typic...,
What do firewalls do
13  cards
Legacy and Embed Systems
What are legacy systems,
What are embed systems,
What are patch panels
12  cards
Network Cabel Tools
What are the different froms of n...,
What do wire cutters do,
What are wire strippers used for
10  cards
Copper Cables and Connectors
What are the three relevant types...,
Which cables use which communicat...,
What are coaxial cables what are ...
20  cards
Fiber Cables and Connectors
What si the structure of fiber op...,
How are signals transmitted throu...,
Why are fiber optic cables not af...
17  cards

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it essentials chapter 5

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