italian wine scholar unit 2

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Which region is the third most pr...,
Name 3 historic producers from ab...,
Which three tribes inhabited abruzzo
30  cards
Name the local liqueur produced o...,
Which grape variety high in tanni...,
In which campanian docg would you...
31  cards
Sicilia is the largest island in ...,
Etna bianco superiore doc must ha...,
In sicilia muscat of alexandria i...
33  cards
What does coltura promiscua mean,
The tuscan caratelli are wooden b...,
Toscana is the largest of the cen...
50  cards
Name puglia s two main peninsulas...,
The vineyards of primitivo di man...,
Puglia is tge least mountainous p...
26  cards
Vermentino is genetically identic...,
What is sardegna s most common do...,
Italian cork production is concen...
26  cards
What is the terre di offida doc s...,
What is offida rosso docg s princ...,
Matelica doc is located to the so...
30  cards
Frascati superiore docg has highe...,
Malvasia del lazio is also referr...,
Which was the first appellation o...
17  cards
Which soil is found in the centra...,
Which soil is found in the southe...,
Which soil is found in the east o...
33  cards
What style is grecco di bianco doc,
What is the principal white grape...,
Name calabria s largest and oldes...
13  cards
Name the 3 most planted grape var...,
What red grape is unique to molis...,
Which is molise s most widely pla...
13  cards
What is the biotype of aglianico ...,
What is the traditional malvasia ...,
Name the extinct volcano in the n...
17  cards

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italian wine scholar unit 2

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