italian wine scholar 2019

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Glossary Terms
Menzioni geographiche aggiuntive mga,
73  cards
People - Southern italy
Baron bettino ricasoli,
32  cards
Grapes southern
Malvasia bianca lunga,
Malvasia bianca di candia
54  cards
What is sicily s most planted grape,
The etna doc is included in which...,
Name sicily s first doc
32  cards
Name italy s 2nd largest plain,
Salice salentino rosso doc must c...,
Can salice salentino rosso doc ca...
34  cards
What is molise s most planted gra...,
Which molise doc produces the lar...,
Which is molise s most widely pla...
11  cards
What is basilicata s most planted...,
Almost half of basilicata is take...,
What is the biotype of aglianico ...
14  cards
What is lazio s most planted grap...,
What historic doc is lazio s clai...,
Which grape variety is lazio s mo...
27  cards
Which grape is montepulciano hist...,
Which is abruzzo s only docg,
The name cerasuolo derives from w...
23  cards
What is umbria s most planted gra...,
Which umbrian red grape was tradi...,
Montefalco rosso doc is predomina...
39  cards
Is calabria planted to mostly red...,
What name did the ancient greeks ...,
Name the waters that separate sic...
18  cards
Name campania s first doc,
What is the minimum aging time re...,
Name the principal and longest ri...
39  cards
Must cannonau di sardegna doc con...,
What is sardinia s signature whit...,
Name sardinia s most planted grap...
26  cards
Coastal Tuscany
Monte carlo doc describe 1locatio...,
Bolgheri sassicaia doc describe 1...,
Bolgheri doc describe 1location 2...
13  cards
What is the only auxiliary grape ...,
Trebbiano di soave and turbiana a...,
What is offida rossi s principal ...
55  cards
Brunello is related but different...,
Which subzone of chianti docg pro...,
What is toscana most eastern appe...
60  cards
What is the name for dolcetto in ...,
Costa de sera costa de campu and ...,
What style of wine is cinque terr...
11  cards
Fruili Venezia Guilia
What is the grape variety in ramo...,
What style of wine is produced in...,
In which geographic area of fvg i...
26  cards
Rondinella is an offspring of whi...,
In which appellation is the osele...,
From where does the grape vespaio...
37  cards
Alto Adige
Terlano is a subzone of which app...,
Until ww2 alto adige belonged to ...,
What are the three biotypes of sc...
14  cards
Does trentino produce more red or...,
What is the most common vine trai...,
Which trentino grape is mentioned...
18  cards
Emilia Romagna
Which variety of malvasia is grow...,
Which two grapes are in the blend...,
What was italy s first white docg
11  cards
What is the name of the smallest ...,
Which river runs through valtellina,
What are the principle two grapes...
23  cards
Costa de sera costa de campu and ...,
What style of wine is cinque terr...,
What are the three main grapes of...
12  cards
How many mgas in barbaresco docg,
What is the minimum aging require...,
What is barolo chinato
56  cards
Valle d'Aosta
What is the igp for vd a,
Where is the traditional home of ...,
What is another name for nebbiolo...
17  cards
Dolcetto di diana d alba,
Oltrepo pavese metodo classico
41  cards
59  cards
People and places
Guillia falletti and camillo benso,
Angelo gaja,
Carlo gancia
21  cards

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