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Italy - All General & Geography
What percent of wine imported to ...,
Where does italy stand in world w...,
How many official grapes are reco...
33  cards
Italy - Vallee d'Aosta
Sub zones of vallee d aosta north...,
What river flows through vallee d...,
What is pergola bassa
37  cards
Italy - Piedmont DOCG
Provinces of piedmont,
Docg of piedmont 17,
Alta langa docg spk
47  cards
Italy - Liguria
Doc of liguria 8,
What is sciac tra,
What is sciacchetra
20  cards
Italy - Lombardia DOCG
Docg of lombardy 5,
What is martinotti,
What is futura
36  cards
Italy - Trentino-Alto Adige DOC's
Provinces of trentino alto adige,
Which doc are shared by the 2 pro...,
Doc of trento 7
15  cards
Italy - Friuli
Docg of friuli 4,
What styles of wine are made in c...,
Colli orientali del friuli picoli...
13  cards
Italy - Veneto
Docg of veneto 14,
What is a fruttaio,
What is an arele
48  cards
Italy - Basilicata
Docg of basilicata 1,
Basilicata general information,
Aglianico del vulture superiore d...
11  cards
Italy - Sicily
Most important white grapes of si...,
Most important red grapes of sicily,
What body of water separates sici...
9  cards
Italy - Sardinia
Sardinia general info,
Docg of sardinia 1,
Who makes barrua
13  cards
Italy - Abruzzi
Docg of abruzzo 1,
Doc of abruzzi 8,
Montepulciano d abruzzo colline t...
8  cards
Italy - Campania
Docg of campania 4,
Aglianico del taburno docg rd rs,
Fiano di avelina docg w
11  cards
Italy - Puglia
General information on apulia,
Docg of puglia 4,
What are the major doc of apulia
10  cards
Italy - Calabria
Calabria is the “toe” of the Italian boot; like its neighbors it is covered in mountains, dividing the region climatically between the hot Mediterranean coast and the more continental, higher-altitude interior.
4  cards
Italy - Barolo & Barbaresco (+ Crus)
Communes of barbaresco,
Barbaresco docg rd,
Barbaresco docg normale aging
59  cards
Italy - Emilia Romagna
Emilia romagna general info,
Docg of emilia romagna 2,
Clones of lambrusco varietals
10  cards
Italy - Marsala (Sicily)
Name a top quality producer of ma...,
What are the white grapes of marsala,
What are the red grapes of marsala
26  cards
Italy - Marche
Docg of marche 5,
Castelli di jesi verdicchio riser...,
Conero riserva docg rd
12  cards
Italy - Tuscany DOCG
Docg of tuscany 11,
Clones of sangiovese in tuscany,
What doc s of tuscany cannot prod...
57  cards
Italy - Super Tuscan Producers
What super tuscans are 100 sangio...,
What super tuscans are 100 of var...,
Who makes fontalloro
26  cards
Italy - Umbria
Umbria general info,
Docg of umbria north south 2,
Torgiano riserva docg rd
18  cards
Italy - Lazio
Docg of lazio 3,
Frascati superiore docg w,
Cesanese del piglio docg rd
6  cards
Italy - All DOCG (simple)
Docg of lombardy 5,
Docg of piedmont 16,
Docg of friuli 4
89  cards
Piedmont Vintages
Best vintages piedmont 2010s,
Best vintages piedmont 2000s,
Best vintages piedmont 1990s
10  cards
Tuscany Vintages
Best vintages tuscany 2010s,
Best vintages tuscany 2000s,
Best vintages tuscany 1990s
10  cards
Italy - Sparkling Wines
Name 2 producers of alta langa,
Name 3 producers of franciacorta,
Name 2 producers of prosecco di v...
13  cards
Italy - Barolo & Barbaresco Producers
3 producers from barolo commune,
Producer from neive commune,
Producer from verduno
20  cards

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