italy - northern

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What is nebbiolo known as in ghem...,
What are the 4 docs of basilicata,
What is franciacorta saten and ho...
386  cards
Despite its ancient prestige as t...,
What is italys smallest and least...,
In what year were the first docgs...
10  cards
Piedmont translation,
Piedmont river that cuts through ...,
Piedmontmost planted red grape
341  cards
Barolo / Barbaresco Crus
Serraboella vineyard,
8 of the best crus within the bar...
60  cards
Piedmont Producers
Bartolo mascarelloyear founded lo...,
Bartolo mascarello winemaking,
Bartolo mascarello vineyards
87  cards
What is franciacorta saten and ho...,
How many atmospheres are required...,
What is the common bottle of mosc...
110  cards
Valle d'Aosta
What is italys smallest and least...,
What is the climate of valle daosta,
Valle daostas vineyards are conce...
28  cards
What is the climate in liguria,
What is pigato,
Despite the advances of other doc...
47  cards
What percent of veneto s producti...,
What are the grapes requirements ...,
A valpolicella wine labeled super...
103  cards
Trentino-Alto Adige
When was the province of trentino...,
The multi regional valdadige doc ...,
Trentino doc white 5 grapes that ...
108  cards
Friuli-Venezia Giulia
Mario schiopetto,
Friuli most prized soil,
Friuli venezia giulia 2 mountain ...
77  cards
What are the range of styles for ...,
What are the 2 docgs of emilia ro...,
What was italys 1st docg for whit...
19  cards

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italy - northern

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