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Intro to Computers, Programs, and Java
Why is java platform independent,
What is important for the java so...,
What extension name does java sou...
19  cards
GUI Components
How do you group radio buttons to...,
How do you set mnemonic keys for ...,
When does a jtextfield usually fi...
38  cards
Elementary Programming
What are identifiers,
What are the naming rules for ide...,
What is a named constant
24  cards
An Introduction
Design patterns,
Benefits of using design patterns,
Three catagories of java design p...
9  cards
What does and mean in boolean exp...,
What 3 types of selection stateme...,
What types can be in a switch exp...
16  cards
What are the 3 kinds of loops,
What is the loop body,
What is the difference between a ...
17  cards
What are methods used for,
What values can methods return,
What does it mean that a method c...
13  cards
Single-Dimensional Arrays
For finding the length of an arra...,
What method can you use to sort a...,
What method can you use to search...
10  cards
What is the instanceof keyword for,
How can you read the input 10 2 4...,
How do you convert from string to...
4  cards
Multidimensional Arrays
How do you initialize a two dimen...
1  cards
Objects and Classes
How many classes in a file can be...,
Constructors are a special kind o...,
___ represents an entity in the r...
8  cards
Suppose s is a string with the va...,
What is the output of the followi...,
What is the output of the followi...
11  cards
Thinking In Objects
If all the data fields in a class...,
What is the role of the this keyword,
What is important in class design
8  cards
Inheritance And Polymorphism
Is a subclass a superset of a sup...,
What keyword do you use to define...,
Object oriented programming allow...
11  cards
GUI Basics
Swing components that don t rely ...,
__ are referred to as heavyweight...,
Are all swing gui components ligh...
31  cards
The coordinate of the upper left ...,
Suppose a button jbt is placed in...,
Which of the following statements...
15  cards
Exception Handling and Text I/O
How do the try catch and finally ...,
What are exceptions,
Describe the exception classes hi...
33  cards
Abstract Classes and Interfaces
What is an abstract class,
How should constructors in abstra...,
Can an abstract method be contain...
28  cards
Event-Driven Programming
Clicking a button fires an action...,
What is the root class of the eve...,
What is the superclass of mouseev...
52  cards
Applets and Multimedia
What is the main,
How can you convert a java applic...,
How do you make an applet run fro...
43  cards
Binary I/O
What is a text file and what is a...,
How do you write or read text dat...,
An input object is also called __...
40  cards
How to understand recursion,
What does it mean to use recursion,
What is the stopping condition of...
29  cards
What is generics,
Why use generics,
What is generic instantiation
25  cards
Lists, Stacks, Queues, and Priority Queues
In object oriented thinking what ...,
What is the java collections fram...,
The java collections framework su...
45  cards
Sets and Maps
What is a set,
What is a map,
Describe the set interface
41  cards
Developing Efficient Algorithms
What is the problem with measurin...,
What is the big o notation,
What do we measure algorithm effi...
36  cards
Sorting is a classic subject in c...,
Where in the java api can we find...,
How does the bubble sort work
33  cards
Implementing Lists, Stacks, Queues, and Priority Queues
Describe the list list as a gener...,
What is a singly linked list,
What is a circular singly linked ...
32  cards
Binary Search Trees
In a binary tree how is the lengt...,
How is the depth of a node in a b...,
What is a leaf in the binary tree
37  cards
A map data structure is also call...,
The array that stores the values ...,
What is hashing
42  cards
AVL Trees
If a tree is perfectly balanced i...,
What is an avl tree,
For avl trees what does avl stand...
24  cards
What is an ip address,
What is a dns,
What is the internet protocol
30  cards

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