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Jekyll and Hyde: Story of the door
Where does the strange looking do...,
Enfield recalls a story involving...,
Who is the man that tramples over...
12  cards
Jekyll and Hyde: Search for Mr Hyde
What does jekylls will say,
Utterson is shocked at what,
Utterson goes to jekyll to warn h...
4  cards
Jekyll and Hyde: Dr Jekyll was quite at ease
After a dinner party with friends...,
What is jekylls response to utterson,
Why did jekyll and lanyon fall out
4  cards
Who is richard enfield,
Who is poole,
Who is sir danvers carew
14  cards
Chapters Names
What is chapter 1 called,
What is chapter 2 called,
What is chapter 3 called
10  cards
Dr. Henry Jekyll
How old is jekyll,
What is jekylls occupation,
Describe jekyll in 3 words
11  cards
Key Quotes
What quotation describes hydes ap...,
What quotation shows jekyll reass...,
What quotation shows jekyll refle...
4  cards
Horrific scenes/events
What chapters include horrific ev...,
Quotes in chapter 4,
Audibly shattered bones
9  cards
Chapter 1
What is chapter 1 called,
What characters are we introduced...,
What are utterson and enfield doi...
7  cards
Chapter 2
What is chapter 2 called,
What is mr utterson continuing to do,
What does mr utterson do
9  cards
Chapter 3
What is chapter 3 called,
What does mr utterson do initiall...,
Why did lanyon and jekyll fall out
5  cards
Chapter 4
What is chapter 4 called,
What is the main event that occur...,
When does the main event occur
8  cards
Chapter 5
What is chapter 5 called,
What does utterson initially do,
What does jekyll respond to mr ut...
7  cards
Chapter 6
What is scene 6 called,
What happens to hyde in this scene,
What does jekyll return too
9  cards
Chapter 7
What is chapter 7 called,
What is the main event that occur...,
What do utterson and enfield do
5  cards
Chapter 8
What is chapter 8 called,
What does poole do,
Why does poole go to see utterson
10  cards
Chapter 9
What is chapter 9 called,
What is this chapter about,
What did lanyon receive
8  cards
Chapter 10
What is chapter 10 called,
What does jekyll do in this scene,
What is jekylls experiment start as
6  cards
Mr Enfield Quotes
What quotation describes mr hydes...,
What quotation describes mr hydes...,
What quotation highlights mr enfi...
3  cards
Dr Jekyll Quotes
What quotation suggest dr jekyll ...,
What quotation highlights the dua...,
What quotation suggest jekyll is ...
5  cards
Dr Lanyon Quotes
What quotation does lanyon say ab...
1  cards
Mr Utterson Quotes
What quotation describes hydes de...,
What quotation describes hyde as ...
2  cards
Quotations about Setting
What quotation refers to the fog ...,
What quotation describes the buil...
2  cards
Important Themes
Name 5 important themes throughou...,
The duality of man in the idea of...,
How does jekyll represent the the...
14  cards

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