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Chapter 1 Quiz
American heart association protoc...,
As an emt you may be authorized t...,
National guidelines for ems care ...
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Chapter 10 Quiz
A 19 year old female is found unc...,
A man was found unresponsive in h...,
A patient who is suspected of bei...
20  cards
Chapter 2 Quiz
After assessing a patients blood ...,
At the scene of an automobile cra...,
Common factors that influence how...
20  cards
Chapter 3 Quiz
As an emt the standards of emerge...,
During your monthly internal qual...,
In which of the following circums...
20  cards
Chapter 6 Quiz
A by product of involuntary muscl...,
A patient has a blood pressure of...,
A patient has a large accumulatio...
20  cards
Chapter 9 Quiz
A 39 year old male sustained a st...,
A palpable pulse is created by se...,
An elderly patient has fallen and...
20  cards
Chapter 8 Quiz
An emt may injure his or her back...,
As you and your partner are carry...,
In contrast to typical wheeled am...
20  cards
Exam 1
According to the national ems sco...,
According to the national ems sco...,
An appropriate demonstration of p...
150  cards
Chapter 4 Quiz
A 4 year old boy had an apparent ...,
As you are wheeling your patient ...,
Communicating with patients who a...
20  cards
Chapter 11 Quiz
A 31 year old female is experienc...,
A 62 year old male is seen with c...,
Activated charcoal is an example ...
20  cards
Chapter 15 Quiz
Paste is an alternate assessment ...,
A 30 year old male presents with ...,
A 59 year old male with a history...
20  cards
Chapter 17 Quiz
A 30 year old male experienced a ...,
A patient who is possibly experie...,
A patient whose speech is slurred...
20  cards
Chapter 16 Quiz
A 49 year old male presents with ...,
A 66 year old female with a histo...,
A dissecting aortic aneurysm occu...
20  cards
Chapter 18 Quiz
A 29 year old pregnant woman has ...,
A 30 year old woman with a histor...,
A 47 year old male presents with ...
20  cards
Chapter 19 Quiz
A 37 year old female with a histo...,
A 66 year old woman experienced a...,
A 75 year old male with type 1 di...
20  cards
Chapter 20 Quiz
A 19 year old female was stung mu...,
A 37 year old male is having a se...,
After administering 03 mg of epin...
20  cards
Chapter 21 Quiz
A 49 year old male presents with ...,
A person who routinely misuses a ...,
Activated charcoal is given to pa...
20  cards
Chapter 22 Quiz
A 38 year old male with a history...,
A 40 year old male intentionally ...,
A behavioral crisis interferes wi...
20  cards
Chapter 32 Quiz
A 30 year old male was rescued af...,
A 31 year old male was bitten on ...,
All of the following terms refer ...
20  cards
Chapter 23 Quiz
A 26 year old female presents wit...,
A patient with pelvic inflammator...,
Causes of vaginal bleeding includ...
20  cards
Chapter 33 Quiz
A 26 year old female who is 34 we...,
A history of pelvic inflammatory ...,
A mother who is pregnant with her...
20  cards
Chapter 12 Quiz
A 20 year old male has a large la...,
A 25 year old unrestrained female...,
As you approach a patient lying a...
20  cards
Exam 2 - Section 2 & 3
A 29 year old male with a head in...,
A 40 year old male presents with ...,
A 71 year old female slipped on a...
175  cards
Chapter 25 Quiz
A 43 year old man is experiencing...,
A 67 year old male presents with ...,
A young male was shot in the abdo...
20  cards
Chapter 31 Quiz
A hip fracture is actually a frac...,
A 17 year old female dislocated h...,
A 22 year old female was ejected ...
20  cards
Chapter 26 Quiz
A 21 year old male was working in...,
A 33 year old male sustained an a...,
A 39 year old male was struck in ...
20  cards
Chapter 27 Quiz
A 30 year old female presents wit...,
A 4 year old female has a peanut ...,
A 52 year old unrestrained female...
20  cards
Chapter 28 Quiz
A man jumped from the roof of his...,
A patient with a head injury pres...,
A tight fitting motorcycle helmet...
20  cards
Chapter 29 Quiz
A 28 year old male was struck in ...,
A flail chest occurs when select ...,
A man called ems 12 hours after i...
20  cards
Chapter 30 Quiz
A 54 year old male experienced an...,
Abdominal pain vomiting and fever...,
All of the following are hollow a...
20  cards
Exam 3 - Section 4
A 19 year old male was stung mult...,
A 56 year old male is found semic...,
Clinical signs of compensated sho...
114  cards
Chapter 34 Quiz
A 2 year old female has experienc...,
A 5 year old child has had severe...,
A viral infection that may cause ...
20  cards
Chapter 35 Quiz
A 77 year old female presents wit...,
A specific legal document that di...,
An 84 year old male fell a week a...
20  cards
Chapter 37 Quiz
A medical transport helicopter is...,
A type _____ ambulance features a...,
Common safety equipment carried o...
20  cards
Chapter 38 Quiz
A 19 year old female has just bee...,
A 33 year old restrained driver o...,
At a scene with downed electrical...
20  cards
Chapter 40 Quiz
__________ rays easily penetrate ...,
After eating at a local restauran...,
All of the following are vesicant...
20  cards
Chapter 41 Quiz
A team of emts is caring for a cr...,
After spiking a bag of iv fluid f...,
Emts arrive at the scene of an il...
20  cards
Rule of 9s adult arm front and ba...,
Rule of 9s adult arm front and ba...,
Rule of 9s adult arm front and ba...
106  cards

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