joint firepower course 2018

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DOC101K Joint Doctrine
The lesson discusses multinational, joint, multiservice, and service doctrine.
9  cards
DOC201K USAF doctrine
Identify seven tenets of air and ...,
Define counter air,
Define strategic attack
9  cards
DOC202K, US Army doctrine
Define unified land operations,
Identify the four types of decisi...,
Identify the four tenets of unifi...
4  cards
DOC105K, US Navy doctrine
Identify the primary mission of t...,
Identify the five essential funct...,
Identify the nine usn mission areas
4  cards
DOC111K, USMC doctrine
Identify the marine corps organiz...,
Identify the usmc war fighting ph...,
Identify the four magtf sizes and...
5  cards
DOC103K, USSOC doctrine
Identify the five component comma...,
Explain how the sof staff entitie...,
Identify what main assets usasoc ...
7  cards
Name the five components of the t...,
Identify the characteristics of a...,
Describe the jfacc his location a...
28  cards
C2-104K Air Operations Center
List the five divisions of the aoc,
Identify the primary function of ...,
Identify the primary function of ...
7  cards
C2-105K Air Support Operations Center
Identify at which echelon the aso...,
Identify the missions of the asoc,
Identify the asocs functions for cas
5  cards
C2-102K, Amphibious Tactical Air Control System
Identify the person who controls ...,
Identify the two separate but sim...,
Describe the functions performed ...
19  cards
OPS203K, Joint Fire Support System
Define joint fire support,
Select the fires warfighting func...,
Select the components of the fire...
5  cards
SYS113K, US Army Air and Missile Defense
Identify the roles responsibiliti...,
Identify the classes of defensive...,
Define area and point defense
5  cards
WPN201K, Joint Surface Fires Capabilities
Define the elements of trajectory,
Identify surface delivery platfor...,
Identify airspace planning factor...
8  cards
WPN101K, Aircraft Munitions and Effects
Identify the different target types,
List the five weapons effects use...,
Identify how fuzes alter weapons ...
3  cards
SYS101K, Fixed-wing Combat Aircraft Capabilities
Identify the fixed wing combat ai...
1  cards
SYS261K, Rotary Wing Aircraft Capabilities
Identify mission capabilities of ...,
Identify the target acquistion sy...,
Match area and point weapons syst...
3  cards
OPS261K, Rotary-wing Combat Operations
Identify the seven core competenc...,
List the main method to request o...,
List the three employment methods...
5  cards
OPS262K, Joint Air Attack Team Operations
Define the joint air attack team ...,
Describe the five methods for dis...,
Describe the two methods of attack
4  cards
SYS104K, Common Operational Picture
Define common operational picture...,
Identify the importance of the co...,
What is command post of the futur...
5  cards
SYS103K, Threat Weapon Systems
What are the main characteristics...,
What are the main characteristics...,
What are the main characteristics...
9  cards
Define the major mission command ...,
Describe the purpose of warning o...,
Describe the responsibilities of ...
5  cards
OPS103K, Intelligence Preparation of the Battlefield
Identify the definition of intell...,
Identify the four steps of the ip...,
Identify the purpose of the threa...
3  cards
OPS272K, Targeting
Identify the purpose of the targe...,
Define target,
Define high value target hvt
9  cards
OPS105K, Battlefield Intelligence
Define intelligence,
Define reconnaissance,
Define surveillance
8  cards
OPS102K, Coord and Control Measures
Identify the primary goal of airs...,
Identify the methods of airspace ...,
Define and describe the use of ma...
5  cards
OPS106K, CAS Mission Planning
When should planners begin submit...,
When should planners plan fscms a...,
When should planners conduct the ...
10  cards
OPS116K, CAS mission control and execution
List the elements of cas target e...,
Describe the three types of night...,
List the different functions of g...
10  cards
OPS120K, Observers
Identify methods of attack,
Describe duties and responsibilit...,
Identify aircraft currently used ...
3  cards
Select the correct definition for...,
Identify and define the two means...,
Cite the purpose of sead planning...
4  cards
C2-111K JFC Seminar
'Things that are worth remembering for the final exam'
39  cards
SYS102K Air and Ground Laser operations
Identify laser hardware,
Identify categories of laser desi...,
Identify laser safety considerations
9  cards

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