kine 2011 - human physiology i

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Module 1 Lecture 1 - Cell Structure and Function
What does theodor schwann state a...,
What does it mean when an organis...,
What are the only exceptions to n...
50  cards
Module 1 Lecture 2 - Cell Structure and Function Ctd. + Cellular Metabolism
Why is the mitochondria considere...,
What are the three components of ...,
How are the three components of t...
46  cards
Module 1 Lecture 3 - Cellular Metabolism: Respiration
How many enzymatic steps are invo...,
What is the final result of glyco...,
How many pyruvate molecules are m...
58  cards
Module 1 Lecture 4: Plasma Membrane
What is the plasma membrane also ...,
What does the plasma membrane sep...,
What is the plasma membrane compo...
34  cards
Module 1 Lecture 5: Cell Adhesion Molecules & Membrane Transport
Other than creating a protective ...,
By what means are cells held toge...,
What are cell adhesion molecules
37  cards
Module 1 Lecture 6: Unassisted Membrane Transport
Molecules that penetrate the memb...,
What are the two forces that allo...,
What does passive diffusion of pa...
30  cards
Module 1 Lecture 7: Tonicity + Osmolarity & Unassisted and Assisted Membrane Transport
What is tonicity,
What is the tonicity of the solut...,
What does tonicity do to the volu...
33  cards
Module 1 Lecture 8: Assisted Membrane Transport
Carrier mediated transport has tw...,
How is active transport of carrie...,
What is unique about primary acti...
13  cards
Module 1 Lecture 9 - Assisted Membrane Transport (Vesicular)
Two forms of vesicular active tra...,
How many forms of endocytosis are...,
How is atp being used in vesicula...
11  cards
Module 2 Lecture 1: The Blood
What can the blood be split up in...,
What is hematocrit,
What are the three suspended cell...
12  cards
Module 2 Lecture 2: Erythropoiesis & Blood Types
What is erythropoiesis and where ...,
What is a unique feature of rbcs ...,
When rbcs die what helps with rem...
12  cards
Module 2 Lecture 3: Leukocytes
What are leukocytes and an exampl...,
Other than recognizing and destro...,
What does the structure of leukoc...
12  cards
Module 2 Lecture 4: Immune System (Internal & External Defences)
Why don t b cells and t cells fre...,
What is meant by immunity,
What are bacteria and what are vi...
14  cards
Module 2 Lecture 5: Innate Immunity
What is inflammation,
What are the hallmarks of an infl...,
Explain how inflammation occurs w...
14  cards
Module 3 Lecture 1
What does the term membrane poten...,
What is meant by potential when i...,
What are key factors regarding me...
13  cards
Module 3 Lecture 2 - Graded Potentials
The greater the permeability of a...,
What is the net resting membrane ...,
Potassium when a cell is at rest ...
16  cards
Module 3 Lecture 3 - Action Potentials
What are action potentials how ar...,
What are the stages of the action...,
What happens to the membrane duri...
10  cards
Module 3 Lecture 4
In an action potential k gated ch...,
Explain the processes occuring in...,
An action potential can only occu...
10  cards
Module 3 Lecture 5 - Propagations
How are the signals from an actio...,
What are the four regions of a ne...,
Where along the nerve cell neuron...
16  cards
Module 3 Lecture 6 - Synapses
What is a synpase s,
What are the different types of s...,
What are components of a chemical...
11  cards
Module 3 Lecture 7 - Synapses & Neuronal Integration
With excitatory synapses the post...,
When vesicles are released from t...,
What is an excitatory postsynapti...
20  cards
Module 3 Lecture 8: Central & Peripheral Nervous System
Nervous system splits into,
What composes the cns pns,
Why is there no nerve in the cent...
24  cards
Module 3 Lecture 9: ANS and Somatic Nervous System
What is each adrenal gland compos...,
What are adrenal glands to sympat...,
If adrenals glands don t have axo...
25  cards
Module 4 Lecture 1
What are the two types of muscles...,
What muscle fall under striated m...,
Skeletal muscles include being
21  cards
Module 4 Lecture 2
Are myofibrils cells,
If myosin is bound to the z line ...,
When the myosin binds to actin to...
19  cards
Module 4 Lecture 3
What is excitation contraction co...,
How does ec coupling work,
If the inside of the t tubule is ...
14  cards
Module 4 Lecture 4
The atp binding site releases the...,
How does the cross bridge cycling...,
Does the atp actually power the p...
21  cards
Module 4 Lecture 5
What is this graph showing,
In that latent period we have an ...,
In the force production graph why...
16  cards
Module 4 Lecture 6
What is twitch summation,
When an action potential is propa...,
What is one single action potenti...
25  cards

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