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Motion analysis and biomechanical principles
What do pts do,
How can a pt assess function 3 pa...,
How can a pt assess function 2 pa...
96  cards
Joint Structure and Function
What does you need proximal stabi...,
What is dynamic stability,
What does open mean
90  cards
Mechanical Behavior of Tissues
What are the 7 various loading modes,
What does bending create,
What does torsion create
212  cards
Tissue Mechanics Bone
What is the intercellular calcifi...,
What percent of the intercellular...,
What is the inorganic matter of t...
73  cards
Tissue Mechanics Muscles
What is strength equal to,
Strength is the ability to what,
Strength equation
50  cards
Cervical Spine Biomechanics
What did takala determine about n...,
What did aryanpur determine about...,
What dvorak determine was the per...
146  cards
TMJ Biomechanics
How many joints comprise the tmj,
What are the 4 joints of the tmj,
What are the 2 rolling glide joints
91  cards
Thoracic Spine Biomechanics
What is the rule of threes,
What is the normal cervical lordosis,
What is the normal thoracic kyphosis
131  cards
Shoulder Biomechanics
How many degrees of freedom does ...,
Which ways does the ue elevate 3,
What are the 7 motions of the ue
172  cards
Elbow Biomechanics
What joints make up the elbow 4,
What is the shape of the radial head,
What are the points of articulati...
154  cards
Wrist and Hand Biomechanics
What is prehension,
True or false you need proximal s...,
True or false the ue is subservie...
174  cards

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