km (spring 2024 ) copy of a&p ii (spring 2023)

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Lecture 1: Review & CV Function (Exam I)
What is clearance what units woul...,
What is free water clearance what...,
What would the normal pulse press...
53  cards
Lecture 2: CV Function (Exam I)
What is the rapid ejection phase ...,
What valve s would you expect to ...,
What valve s would you expect to ...
43  cards
Exam 1 Lecture 3 (1-24-23) CO, VR, and Pressure Volume Loops (Andy's cards)
What factor will cause significan...,
What is normal intrathoracic pres...,
What happens to our pleural press...
72  cards
Exam 1 Lecture 4 (2-6-23) Cardiac Anatomy/Stenosis/Regurgitation (Andy's cards)
Where is the mediastinum located,
What are the four parts of the me...,
What part of the mediastinum is i...
109  cards
Exam 1 Lecture 5 (2-7-23) Coronary Perfusion/PDA/Ballon Pumps/Cardiac (Andy's cards)
Which heart valve issue would mos...,
The degree of backflow for mitral...,
What hr would be beneficial for s...
58  cards
Lecture 6: Thyroid (Exam I)
Where does the process of thyroid...,
What can trigger the hypothalamus...,
Describe the circulatory path fro...
55  cards
Lecture 7: Shock (Exam I)
For a normal person how much can ...,
What expands cardiac reserve what...,
What two disease processes result...
35  cards
Lecture 8: Intro to Pulmonary (Exam II)
During normal physiology what is ...,
How far up does the apex of the l...,
What structure separates the lungs
55  cards
Lectures 9 & 10: Pulmonary (Exam II)
What is atmospheric pressure,
What is pip,
What is pa what does it normally ...
105  cards
Lecture 11 & 12: Pulmonary (Exam II)
What is normal alveolar ventilati...,
What is the highest that pao can ...,
What is the lowest that pao can b...
61  cards
Exam 2 Lecture 11 (3-6-23) The Lost Pulmonary Lecture (Alveolar Compliance, Airway Disorder, Surface Tension, Surfactant)
In terms of alveolar compliance w...,
And so we had said frc alveoli an...,
What is the lung volume of this g...
47  cards
Exam 2 Lecture 12 (3-9-23) Do-over Pulmonary Lecture, Spirometry, V/Q Matching (Andy's Cards)
What can be causing,
The surfactant that floats around...,
What are type ii alveolar cells
36  cards
Pulmonary Math Questions (Exam III)
Calculate the partial pressure of...,
How can alveolar minute volume be...,
What is the percentage of o in a ...
40  cards
Lecture 20: Acid/Base Physiology (Final Exam)
For the purposes of a p what is n...,
What occurs to serum proteins whe...,
What are volatile compounds give ...
52  cards
Lecture 21: Airway Anatomy (Final Exam)
What structure is indicated by 1 ...,
What structure is indicated by 1 ...,
What structure is indicated by 1 ...
62  cards
Lecture 22: Extreme Conditions (Final Exam) Andy's Cards
What is the oxygen concentration ...,
What is the term used for a body ...,
How does the body trigger acclima...
25  cards
Lecture 23: Hyperbaric Chamber, Iron Lung, V/Q Mismatch (Final Exam)
What benefits treatments are hype...,
What atm capability do hospital h...,
What gasses are toxic when admins...
40  cards
Final Lecture: Mountain Dew, Capnography, Ventilation (Final Exam)
Would releasing of a tourniquet i...,
Would fever increase or decrease ...,
Would decreased cardiac output in...
25  cards
Spring 2024 Exam 1 Formulas and values
Cvp rap value
51  cards
*Lecture 13: Pulmonary Shunts, Physiological Dead Space, LaPlace's Law (Exam III)
What are the values of all four p...,
What contributes to the negative ...,
In alveolus b there is adequate p...
24  cards
*Lecture 14: Pulmonary Function Tests (Exam III)
Where on the pft graph below does...,
What is the partial pressure of n...,
What test is depicted in the grap...
51  cards
~~Lecture 15: (Exam III) Obstructions, Capnography, Blood Gas Physiology, Hemoglobin (Andy's Cards)
What is the formula for pouiseill...,
During the first portion of a nor...,
What should the end tidal co2 be ...
64  cards
*Lectures 16 & 17: Capnography, Equilibration, Hgb (Exam III)
What is the solubility coefficien...,
Calculate how much o is dissolved...,
Calculate how much o is dissolved...
110  cards
*Lecture 18: FEV₁/FVC Tests (Exam III)
What is the bohr equation used to...,
How would one find alveolar dead ...,
How can anatomical dead space be ...
30  cards
Lecture 19: Airway Anatomy (Exam III, Andy's Cards)
What receptors are,
Name the 3 parts of the brainstem,
What is another name for the midb...
80  cards
Pulmonary Math Questions (Exam III) COPY
Calculate the partial pressure of...,
How can alveolar minute volume be...,
What is the percentage of o in a ...
40  cards

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