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Preterm Labour
What is progressive cervical chan...,
What is the glycoprotein that pla...,
What does a negative fetal fibron...
10  cards
Contraception MCQ
Which of the following method has...,
Which of the following carries th...,
36 yo with a history of migraines...
23  cards
Contraception Other Questions
Actinomyces in the vagina or cerv...,
T f standard abx tx without iud r...,
Women who conceive with an iud th...
16  cards
Early Pregnancy Loss/ Spontaneous Abortion
Spontaneous abortion occurs most ...,
When recurrent spontaneous aborti...,
Spontaneous abortion can result i...
43  cards
Define infertility,
Causes of female infertility,
Causes of male infertility
3  cards
BC Contraception
Which of the following method has...,
Which of the following carries th...,
36 year old with a history of mig...
59  cards
BC General OBGYN
An 18 year old university student...,
A 21 year old female presented wi...,
9 weeks pregnant with a copper co...
68  cards
BC Pregnancy Loss/ Spontaneous Abortion
Who defines abortion as any spont...,
Majority of early pregnancy losse...,
Approximately what of first trime...
54  cards
BC Preterm Labour
Which of the following is an appr...,
Preterm delivery is defined as a ...,
Which of the following is the mos...
10  cards
BC Intrapartum and Postpartum Care
A 28 yo primigravid woman at 30 w...,
A 30 yo g1p1woman comes to clinic...,
Childbirth may cause fecal incont...
23  cards
BC Prenatal Care
What do you talk about in preconc...,
What is the formula for naegles rule
2  cards
BC Infertility
A significant decline in the fecu...,
In general infertility evaluation...,
Infertility can be attributed to ...
39  cards
BC Menopause
Premature ovarian failure is asso...,
During menopausal transition erra...,
Age and race are nonmodifiable ri...
32  cards
Amenorrhea, Oligomenorrhea
What is primary amenorrhea,
What is secondary amenorrhea,
What is oligomenorrhea
56  cards
Vaginal Bleed
A 30 year old woman with newly di...,
A 26 year old woman presents with...,
This condition is commonly associ...
12  cards
What is primary dysmenorrhea,
What are causes of secondary acqu...,
How do you manage grade 3 mod sev...
16  cards
BC Pre menstrual Dysmorphic Disorder
What is premenstrual dysphoric di...,
What causes premenstrual dysphori...,
How do you differentiate pdd from...
9  cards
BC Pelvic Mass
Tumour markers for pelvic masses,
What is hcg positive associated w...,
What does afp mark for tumour mar...
19  cards
BC Pelvic Pain
What are three causes of pregnanc...,
What are three structural areas t...,
What are causes of ovarian origin...
25  cards
BC Pelvic Prolapse/ Vag DC/Vag Pruritis
What are risk factors for inconti...,
What are the mechanism of stress ...,
What is urethral hyper mobility t...
25  cards
BC Vag Discharge, Vag pruritis
What is the n vag ph,
What does physiological dx presen...,
Is it normal to have lactobacilli...
31  cards

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