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HPAT vocab
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Hamlet Act I - key scenes
How does the new king claudius di...,
What hints at claudiuss insecurit...,
What cold remark does gertrude sa...
9  cards
Hamlet Act II - key scenes
Does gertrude appear concerned wh...,
What does gertrude say in act ii ...,
What does hamlet say when confron...
10  cards
Hamlet Act III - key scenes
What did rosencrantz and guildens...,
When do we first hear claudius ad...,
In his to be or not to be soliloq...
22  cards
Hamlet Act IV - key scenes
Upon hearing of hamlets murder of...,
Give examples of the puzzling ans...,
In his final thoughts of act iv s...
17  cards
Hamlet Act V - key scenes
In the beginning of act v two gra...,
What is hamlets initial reaction ...,
As he watches the gravediggers pr...
14  cards
Unseen Poetry
How many marks is the unseen poet...,
When tackling the unseen poetry q...,
What types of questions could com...
3  cards
Poetic Terms
32  cards
This Moment by Eavan Boland
What are the themes in this momen...,
What is the tone of this moment b...,
Give examples of sibilance in thi...
9  cards
Child of Our Time by Eavan Boland
Why was child of our time written,
What is the last line of child of...,
What are the themes of child of o...
15  cards
The Famine Road by Eavan Boland
Identify the first voice in the f...,
Identify the second voice in the ...,
Give evidence that the committee ...
20  cards
The Black Lace Fan My Mother Gave Me by Eavan Boland
Why was the black lace fan specia...,
Using quotes describe the setting...,
How does boland give us an insigh...
13  cards
The Shadow Doll by Eavan Boland
In the shadow doll by eavan bolan...,
Give a quote shows the lifeless q...,
What are the themes in the shadow...
10  cards
The Pomegranate by Eavan Boland
What are the themes in the pomegr...,
What is the tone of the pomegrana...,
What is the structure of the pome...
17  cards
Out Out by Robert Frost
What are the themes in out out by...,
What is the effect of the use of ...,
Give an example of use in dialogu...
9  cards
Spring Pools by Robert Frost
What could be taken as the straig...,
What did jay parini say about the...,
What are the themes of spring pools
8  cards
Birches by Robert Frost
What are the three sections of bi...,
What are the themes of birches,
Quote the poet longs for the free...
14  cards
The Road Not Taken by Robert Frost
What are the themes of trnt,
Quote what images of nature do we...,
What is the tone of trnt
7  cards
Aunt Jennifer's Tigers by Adrienne Rich
Describe the tigers in ajt,
What does the fluttering of aunt ...,
What are the themes of aunt jenni...
10  cards
Storm Warnings by Adrienne Rich
Discuss form versus structure in ...,
What could the enjambment running...,
What does this image suggest i le...
7  cards
The Roofwalker by Adrienne Rich
How is the roofwalker structures ...,
What is the effect of short sente...,
Discuss the structure of the seco...
8  cards
Power by Adrienne Rich
What is the effect of the long li...
1  cards
The Character of Hamlet Quotes
So excellent a kingself absorbed,
Get thee to a self absorbed,
Ill lug the gutsself absorbed
25  cards
Soliloquies in Hamlet - Quotes
So excellent a king o that this t...,
Heaven and o that this too too 12,
Stale o that this too too 12
14  cards

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