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Intro To ANS
What is an observed effect of blo...,
What is the effect of blocking ni...,
What are the principle targets of...
21  cards
Drug action
What is a drug,
What are the four drug target sites,
How are receptors defined
41  cards
What are main routes of drug admi...,
What are the two ways drugs can b...,
What are the sites used for admin...
57  cards
Drug metabolism
What is the role of drug metabolism,
What is the main site of drug met...,
What is phase 1 of metabolism wha...
27  cards
Muscarinic effects,
What are cholinomimetics,
What are the muscarinic receptors...
43  cards
SNS agonists
What are directly acting sns agon...,
Alpha 1,
Alpha 2
52  cards
Cholinoreceptor antagonist
Where are nicotinic receptors pre...
30  cards
SNS antagonists
Where are alpha 2 receptors located,
What effect do alpha 2 receptors ...,
Normal alpha 1 function
67  cards
Neuromuscular Blocking Drugs
Pathway in neuromuscular transmis...,
Why are drugs selectively made fo...,
Name a competitive non depolarisi...
36  cards
Drugs and the CVS: Heart
What are the channels involved in...,
What is the effect of the sns on ...,
What is the effect of the pns on ...
81  cards
Drugs and the CVS: vasculature
What is released by the sns to ca...,
Name examples of vsm mediators th...,
Name examples of endothelial cell...
57  cards
Drugs of Abuse: Drugs and Cannabis
What system in the brain enables ...,
What are the methods of drug admi...,
What is the fastest route of admi...
48  cards
Drugs of Abuse: Cocaine and Nicotine
What is the plant for cocaine,
What are the forms of cocaine,
Which forms of cocaine are purer ...
52  cards
How is a unit calculated,
What is the low risk drinks limit...,
What is the definition of binge d...
67  cards
Haemostasis and Thrombosis
Examples of pro coagulants plasma,
Examples of anti coagulants plasma,
Why does surgery make you suscept...
67  cards
Atherosclerosis & Lipid-lowering Drugs
What defines the type of lipoprotein,
What are the differences in apopr...,
What is the exogenous pathway for...
74  cards
What are the 3 main clinical uses...,
What are major causes of deaths w...,
What is the main action of nsaids
78  cards
What is an opiate,
Examples of opiates,
What are opioids
99  cards
Pharmacology of IBD
What are the two major forms of ibd,
What are the risk factors of ibd,
What is the main pathogenesis of ibd
54  cards
What are the main channels in the...,
What is the function of the basal...,
What creates the oncotic pressure...
46  cards
Peptic Ulcers
What is a peptic ulcer,
How do the timings of the symptom...,
What are the protective elements ...
44  cards
Adverse Drug Reactions
Simple definition of adverse drug...,
Describe the epidemiology of adrs,
What are adrs classed based on
49  cards
Alzheimer's Disease
What is the main risk factor of ad,
What genetic contribution is ther...,
What are the symptoms of ad
29  cards
Anti-depressants Drugs
What group of disorders does depr...,
What are the symptoms of emotiona...,
What are the biological somatic s...
56  cards
Anxiolytics, Sedatives and Hypnotics
What is the main inhibitory neuro...,
What is gaba derived from,
Where does gaba bind post synapti...
59  cards
Anti-Parkinson's Drugs & Neuroleptics
What are the 4 prinicipal dopamin...,
What is the nigrostriatal pathway,
What is the role of the nigrostri...
63  cards
Principles of General Anaesthesia
What are the 2 key properties of ...,
What are the 2 types of gas that ...,
Examples of gaseous gas
32  cards
Principles of Local Anaesthesia
What are the steps of action pote...,
What are local anaesthetics,
What are the 3 components of las
38  cards
What is epilepsy,
How is epilepsy activity patholog...,
What are the 2 main categories of...
71  cards
What is nausea,
What is vomiting,
What preceded nausea and vomiting
44  cards
Antibiotics & Antifungals
What is the main characteristic o...,
Name a gram ve bacteria,
What is the main characteristic o...
56  cards
What are some viral targets for d...,
Name some features of viruses,
What is the tropism in hepatitis
54  cards

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