lehne's pharmacology for nursing care, 9th ed.

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Ch 1: Orientation to Pharmacology
A drug is defined as p 1,
What is clinical pharmacology p 1,
True or false theres no such thin...
14  cards
Ch 2: Application of Pharmacology in Nursing Practice
Where does the abbreviation prn c...,
What is extravasation,
Nifedipine is given for both
4  cards
Ch 3: Drug Regulation, Development, Names, and Information
What was the first american law t...,
When was the food drug and cosmet...,
What is the technical name for an...
22  cards
Ch 4: Pharmacokinetics
What are the four phases of pharm...,
What is drug metabolism,
The factors that determine the pa...
101  cards
Ch 5: Pharmacodynamics
It is important to note that the ...,
We can define a receptor as,
When a drug binds to a receptor a...
19  cards
Ch 6: Drug Interactions
0  cards
Ch 7: Adverse Drug Reactions and Medication Errors
0  cards
Ch 8: Individual Variation in Drug Responses
0  cards
Ch 9: Drug Therapy During Pregnancy and Breast-Feeding
What is the dilemma when prescrib...,
The incidence of stillbirth in pr...,
What is the meprep program
16  cards
Ch 10: Drug Therapy in Pediatric Patients
0  cards
Ch 11: Drug Therapy in Geriatric Patients
What are the 4 reasons geriatric ...,
Pharmacokinetic changes may be mi...,
Why might the rate of absorption ...
11  cards
Ch 12: Basic Principles of Neuropharmacology
Neuropharmacology is the study of...,
2 broad categories of neuropharma...,
Since the nervous system particip...
3  cards
Ch 13: Physiology of the Peripheral Nervous System
What are the two major subdivisio...,
The autonomic nervous system is f...,
What are the 3 principal function...
65  cards
Ch 14: Muscarinic Agonists and Antagonists
0  cards
Ch 15: Cholinesterase Inhibitors and Their Use in Myasthenia Gravis
Cholinesterase inhibitors are als...,
Because cholinesterase inhibitors...,
What is the primary problem with ...
25  cards
Ch 16: Drugs That Block Nicotinic Cholinergic Transmission: Neuromuscular Blocking Agents
0  cards
Ch 17: Adrenergic Agonists
Adrenergic agonists are often ref...,
Drugs can activate adrenergic rec...,
What are the 2 major classes of a...
23  cards
Ch 18: Adrenergic Antagonists
0  cards
Ch 19: Indirect-Acting Antiadrenergic Agents
0  cards
Ch 20: Introduction to Central Nervous System Pharmacology
In contrast to the peripheral ner...,
Physical dependence is a state in...,
Virtually all of the major advanc...
3  cards
Ch 21: Drugs for Parkinson's Disease
What are the first line drugs for...,
What are the two groups of dopami...,
What are the 4 listed drugs used ...
19  cards
Ch 22: Drugs for Alzheimer's Disease
As hippocampal neurons degenerate...,
In patients with advanced ad leve...,
Why is a decline in acetylcholine...
4  cards
Ch 23: Drugs for Multiple Sclerosis
What is multiple sclerosis,
Mitoxantrone is not effective aga...
2  cards
Ch 24: Drugs for Epilepsy
Seizure and convulsion are not sy...,
Simple partial seizures are disti...,
What are the 5 basic mechanisms b...
3  cards
Ch 25: Drugs for Muscle Spasm and Spasticity
What is the mechanism of action o...,
The withdrawal from baclofen is s...
2  cards
Ch 26: Local Anesthetics
What schedule ii drug was our fir...,
What are the 5 injectable local a...,
What are the 3 injectable local a...
9  cards
Ch 27: General Anesthetics
General anesthetics can be divide...,
What was the first general anesth...,
How do inhalation anesthetics work
8  cards
Ch 28: Opioid Analgesics, Opioid Antagonists, and Nonopioid Centrally Acting Analgesics
What are the various effects of o...,
Very little tolerance develops to...,
No cross tolerance exists between...
20  cards
Ch 29: Pain Management in Patients with Cancer
Among cancer patients which type ...,
How do opioids cause constipation,
What are the 3 management steps f...
3  cards
Ch 30: Drugs for Headache
What is hyperalgesia,
What is allodynia,
How long do most migraines last
15  cards
Ch 31: Antipsychotic Agents and Their Use in Schizophrenia
First generation antipsychotics f...,
All of the fgas produce strong,
Quetiapine seroquel produces stro...
9  cards
Ch 32: Antidepressants
Clinical observations in the 1960...,
What does the monoamine deficienc...,
What are the 5 classes of antidep...
27  cards
Ch 33: Drugs for Bipolar Disorder
Although the precise etiology of ...,
What are the 4 types of moods epi...,
In a true mixed episode patients ...
25  cards
Ch 34: Sedative-Hypnotic Drugs
What schedule is zolpidem ambien ...,
Zaleplon is good for helping pati...,
Eszopiclone is known by the trade...
10  cards
Ch 35: Management of Anxiety Disorders
What are the 6 benzodiazepines ap...,
What are the fda approved first l...,
What is buspirone and name 3 of i...
13  cards
Ch 36: Central Nervous System Stimulants and Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder
What are the 2 principal indicati...,
How do antidepressants and cns st...,
What does the term amphetamine re...
8  cards
Ch 37: Drug Abuse I: Basic Considerations
Substantial physical dependence d...,
Although tolerance and withdrawal...,
Whenever there is a difference be...
3  cards
Ch 38: Drug Abuse II: Alcohol
What 2 neuropsychiatric syndromes...
1  cards
Ch 39: Drug Abuse III: Nicotine and Smoking
0  cards
Ch 40: Drug Abuse IV: Major Drugs of Abuse Other Than Alcohol and Nicotine
Why 3 reasons might lead drug abu...
1  cards
Ch 41: Diuretics
Aldosterone the principal mineral...,
Drugs that act early in the nephr...,
What are the 4 major categories o...
7  cards
Ch 42: Agents Affecting the Volume and Ion Content of Body Fluids
Why is sodium used as the referen...,
What are 4 possible causes of iso...,
Hypertonic contraction is defined...
5  cards
Ch 43: Review of Hemodynamics
Pressure is on average ___ mm hg ...,
Pressure in the right atrium drop...
2  cards
Ch 44: Drugs Acting on the Renin-Angiotensin-Aldosterone System
What are the 4 families of drugs ...,
What type of compounds are angiot...,
Angiotensin ii participates in al...
9  cards
Ch 45: Calcium Channel Blockers
The dihydropyridines act mainly on,
What are the 8 dihydropyridines a...,
What are 3 unique facts about nim...
11  cards
Ch 46: Vasodilators
What are the 3 varieties of vasod...,
What is another term for arteriol...,
The selectivity of a vasodilator ...
18  cards
Ch 47: Drugs for Hypertension
How many classes of drugs can be ...,
In the 2014 hypertension guidelin...,
In the u s primary hypertension a...
36  cards
Ch 48: Drugs for Heart Failure
Of those patients who have heart ...,
As a rule of heart failure cardia...,
What 3 symptoms of hf demonstrate...
27  cards
Ch 49: Antidysrhythmic Drugs
Virtually all of the drugs used t...,
What type of therapies are beginn...,
What term is actually more approp...
51  cards
Ch 50: Prophylaxis of Atherosclerotic Cardiovascular Disease: Drugs That Help Normalize Cholesterol and Triglyceride Levels
0  cards
Ch 51: Drugs for Angina Pectoris
How much does coronary blood flow...,
In patients with severe renal imp...,
When use of ranolazine plus a ccb...
14  cards
Ch 52: Anticoagulant, Antiplatelet, and Thrombolytic Drugs
What are the 2 stages of hemostasis,
The intrinsic clotting pathway is...,
The extrinsic clotting pathway is...
61  cards
Ch 53: Management of ST-Elevation Myocardial Infarction
0  cards
Ch 54: Drugs for Hemophilia
0  cards
Ch 55: Drugs for Deficiency Anemias
0  cards
Ch 56: Hematopoietic Agents
0  cards
Ch 57: Drugs for Diabetes Mellitus
In addition to affecting carbohyd...,
What are the possible triggers fo...,
What are the target tissues of in...
44  cards
Ch 58: Drugs for Thyroid Disorders
Thyroid hormones stimulate the __...,
The biologic effects of t3 and t4...,
What are the 3 principal actions ...
5  cards
Ch 59: Drugs Related to Hypothalamic and Pituitary Function
What are the names for the divisi...,
Both divisions of the pituitary a...,
What 2 hormones does the posterio...
4  cards
Ch 60: Drugs for Disorders of the Adrenal Cortex
0  cards
Ch 61: Estrogens and Progestins: Basic Pharmacology and Noncontraceptive Applications
The first half of the menstrual c...,
The second half is called the,
At the end of the menstrual cycle...
12  cards
Ch 62: Birth Control
0  cards
Ch 63: Drug Therapy of Infertility
Hyperprolactinemia can be treated...,
Clomiphene clomid serophene is co...,
In most cases infertility in male...
4  cards
Ch 64: Drugs That Affect Uterine Function
What are the 2 major groups of dr...,
Contraction of the myometrium is ...,
Although terbutaline can be used ...
12  cards
Ch 65: Androgens
0  cards
Ch 66: Drugs for Erectile Dysfunction and Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia
0  cards
Ch 67: Review of the Immune System
What is the other term for helper...,
Macrophages begin their existence...,
Cytolytic t cells are also known as
12  cards
Ch 68: Childhood Immunization
What is a vaccine,
What are the two classes of vaccines,
What is a toxoid
7  cards
Ch 69: Immunosuppressants
0  cards
Ch 70: Antihistamines
0  cards
Ch 71: Cyclooxygenase Inhibitors: Nonsteroidal Antiinflammatory Drugs and Acetaminophen
What is cyclooxygenase cox,
What are prostanoids,
Describe the role of cox 1
6  cards
Ch 72: Glucocorticoids in Nonendocrine Disorders
0  cards
Ch 73: Drug Therapy of Rheumatoid Arthritis
0  cards
Ch 74: Drug Therapy of Gout
0  cards
Ch 75: Drugs Affecting Calcium Levels and Bone Mineralization
0  cards
Ch 76: Drugs for Asthma and Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease
In patients with asthma labas are...,
Why is monotherapy of asthma with...
2  cards
Ch 77: Drugs for Allergic Rhinitis, Cough, and Colds
0  cards
Ch 78: Drugs for Peptic Ulcer Disease
0  cards
Ch 79: Laxatives
0  cards
Ch 80: Other Gastrointestinal Drugs
0  cards
Ch 81: Vitamins
0  cards
Ch 82: Drugs for Weight Loss
0  cards
Ch 83: Basic Principles of Antimicrobial Therapy
What is an example of an antibiot...,
What is the definition of the min...,
What is the definition of the min...
6  cards
Ch 84: Drugs That Weaken the Bacterial Cell Wall I: Penicillins
Despite the fact that penicillin ...,
Which species and associated dise...,
Is oral administration of penicil...
12  cards
Ch 85: Drugs That Weaken the Bacterial Cell Wall II: Cephalosporins, Carbapenems, Vancomycin, Telavancin, Aztreonam, and Fosfomycin
The cephalosporins are beta lacta...,
What are beta lactamases,
Which 5th generation cephalospori...
24  cards
Ch 86: Bacteriostatic Inhibitors of Protein Synthesis: Tetracyclines, Macrolides, and Others
Tetracyclines are generally,
What are the 4 tetracyclines avai...,
Tetracyclines are first line agen...
21  cards
Ch 87: Aminoglycosides: Bactericidal Inhibitors of Protein Synthesis
The aminoglycosides are,
Why must aminoglycosides be admin...,
Which aminoglycosides are used mo...
14  cards
Ch 88: Sulfonamides and Trimethoprim
How do sulfonamides and trimethop...,
What are sulfonamides and trimeth...,
What are the 4 principle adverse ...
12  cards
Ch 89: Drug Therapy of Urinary Tract Infections
Which organism is the most common...,
While most utis can be treated wi...,
What is cystitis
8  cards
Ch 90: Antimycobacterial Agents: Drugs for Tuberculosis, Leprosy, and Mycobacterium avium Complex Infection
Tuberculosis is caused by _______...,
How many people harbor latent tb ...,
Most people infected with m tuber...
8  cards
Ch 91: Miscellaneous Antibacterial Drugs: Fluoroquinolones, Metronidazole, Daptomycin, Rifampin, Rifaximin, Bacitracin, and Polymyxins
Metronidazole is used for infecti...,
Name 6 species of bacteria which ...,
What should you tell your patient...
10  cards
Ch 92: Antifungal Agents
What is the drug of choice for mo...,
Amphotericin b binds to _________...,
Much of the toxicity of amphoteri...
13  cards
Ch 93: Antiviral Agents I: Drugs for Non-HIV Viral Infections
What is the first drug of choice ...,
Viruses use host cell _______ and...,
How does acyclovir work
5  cards
Ch 94: Antiviral Agents II: Drugs for HIV Infection and Related Opportunistic Infections
Hiv is a retrovirus like all othe...,
Nucleoside nucleotide reverse tra...,
What are the principal toxic effe...
3  cards
Ch 95: Drug Therapy of Sexually Transmitted Diseases
0  cards
Ch 96: Antiseptics and Disinfectants
0  cards
Ch 97: Antihelmintics
0  cards
Ch 98: Antiprotozoal Drugs I: Antimalarial Agents
0  cards
Ch 99: Antiprotozoal Drugs II: Miscellaneous Agents
0  cards
Ch 100: Ectoparasiticides
0  cards
Ch 101: Basic Principles of Cancer Chemotherapy
0  cards
Ch 102: Anticancer Drugs I: Cytotoxic Agents
0  cards
Ch 103: Anticancer Drugs II: Hormonal Agents, Targeted Drugs, and Other Noncytotoxic Anticancer Drugs
0  cards
Ch 104: Drugs for the Eye
Glaucoma refers to a group of dis...,
What are the most common forms of...,
In the eye aqueous humor is produ...
6  cards
Ch 105: Drugs for the Skin
0  cards
Ch 106: Drugs for the Ear
0  cards
Ch 107: Additional Noteworthy Drugs
0  cards
Ch 108: Complementary and Alternative Therapy
0  cards
Ch 109: Management of Poisoning
What is ricin,
How does ricin promote injury,
Within a few hours of inhaling ri...
5  cards
Ch 110: Potential Weapons of Biologic, Radiologic, and Chemical Terrorism
0  cards

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