(lusuma) copy reproductive system

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S1) The Man
Be aware of the appearance compon...,
What are sertoli cells,
Where are sertoli cells found
48  cards
S2) The Woman
Identify the following structures...,
Describe the clinical basis for a...,
Why do nuns tend to get ovarian c...
45  cards
S2) Development of the Reproductive Tracts
Describe the relationship between...,
Describe the differentiation of t...,
The development of the reproducti...
26  cards
S3) Puberty and HPG Axis
What is puberty,
Identify 3 forms of development t...,
Identify the primary sexual chara...
59  cards
S3) Gametogenesis
What are the starting cells for s...,
Spermatogonia divide by mitosis t...,
What do ap spermatogonia do
53  cards
S4) The Menstrual Cycle
Group the menstrual cycle into 3 ...,
Identify 2 types of hormones whic...,
Where do gonadotrophins act
48  cards
S4) Menstrual Disorders
Identify 7 common menstrual disor...,
What is amenorrhea,
Distinguish between primary and s...
26  cards
S5) Sexual Function and Fertilisation
Describe the composition of semen,
Identify 3 functions of the semen,
Where is seminal plasma derived from
40  cards
S5) Contraception and Infertility
What is contraception,
Describe 3 different means of con...,
Identify 6 broad methods of contr...
57  cards
S6) Placental Function and Dysfunction
In week 2 of embryological develo...,
What happens to the inner cell ma...,
When does implantation begin and end
35  cards
S6) Maternal Physiological Adaptations in Pregnancy
Identify the 3 types of changes i...,
Why do maternal physiological ada...,
Identify the 6 hormones which orc...
52  cards
S7) Foetal Physiology
Where does materno foetal exchang...,
Identify the vascular structures ...,
Describe the foetal blood supply ...
31  cards
S7) Foetal Growth and Development
What is the foetal period and wha...,
What characterises the embryonic ...,
What is crown rump length
42  cards
S8) Labour and Delivery
Define parturition,
Define labour,
Define delivery
51  cards
S8) The Post-natal Period
Provide 3 definitions of the post...,
Describe the hormonal control of ...,
There are high levels of lactogen...
14  cards
S9) Infections of the Reproductive Tract
What are the main public health m...,
Identify 6 factors which affect t...,
Identify 5 of the most commonly o...
55  cards
S9) Pelvic Inflammatory Disease
What is pelvic inflammatory disease,
In four steps describe the pathop...,
What is endometritis
20  cards
S10) Pelvic Cavity and Pelvic Floor
Identify the 5 functions of the p...,
What are the three types of suppo...,
Describe which ligaments allow th...
26  cards
S10) Menopause
What is menopause,
What is physiological menopause,
What is pathological menopause
27  cards
S11) Cancers of the Reproductive Tracts
Where can gynaecological tumours ...,
What are the clinical features of...,
How many vulval squamous neoplast...
59  cards
Clinical Conditions
What is a hydrocoele,
What is a krukenberg tumour,
What is a varicocoele
47  cards

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(lusuma) copy reproductive system

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