(lusuma) metabolism, endocrinology & haematology

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S1) Nutrition, Diet & Body Weight
What is energy,
Which five cellular processes occ...,
Illustrate the adp atp cycle in t...
50  cards
S1) Energy Production I — Carbohydrates
Define the terms endergonic and e...,
What is the atp adp cycle,
What does the atp adp cycle do
50  cards
S2) Energy Production II — TCA Cycle & ETC
Describe the structure of the mit...,
Pyruvate from stage 1 glycolysis ...,
Where does the link reaction occur
30  cards
S2) Energy Production III — Lipids, β-Oxidation & Ketone Bodies
Identify and describe the three d...,
Explain how energy storage varies...,
Describe the structure of triacyg...
34  cards
S3) Alcohol Metabolism & Oxidative Stress
Where does alcohol metabolism occur,
What are the recommended limits f...,
Briefly describe the pathway invo...
49  cards
S3) Protein & Amino Acid Metabolism
Identify three major nitrogen con...,
Identify three minor nitrogen con...,
What is creatinine
53  cards
S4) Energy Storage
Which tissues have an absolute re...,
Why are stable blood glucose leve...,
How is glycogen stored
34  cards
S4) Lipid Transport
Lipids are a structurally diverse...,
Lipids are hydrophobic molecules ...,
How are different types of lipids...
44  cards
S5) Haemopoiesis, Erythropoeisis & Iron
What is haemopoiesis,
Where does haemopoiesis occur bef...,
Describe bone marrow production i...
54  cards
S5) Anaemia, B12 & Folate and Polycythaemia
What is anaemia,
Why are symptoms mild in anaemia ...,
In acute onset anaemia the sympto...
45  cards
S6) The Spleen, White Blood Cells & Cytopenia
Where is the spleen located,
Describe the contents and structu...,
Blood enters the spleen via the s...
32  cards
S6) Introduction to the Endocrine System & Endocrine Control of the Appetite
What is homeostasis,
Homeostatic mechanisms act to cou...,
What are the different components...
50  cards
S7) The Thyroid Gland
Briefly describe the structure of...,
Describe the location of the thyr...,
Thyroid is first endocrine gland ...
45  cards
S8) The HPA Axis & Growth Hormone
Describe the relationship between...,
Where is the pituitary gland found,
The hypothalamus and pituitary gl...
28  cards
S8) Pituitary Disorders
Disorders of the pituitary gland ...,
Most pituitary tumours are non fu...,
What is the usual consequence of ...
30  cards
S9) The Adrenal Glands & Disorders
Describe the macroscopic and micr...,
What are the three areas in the a...,
Identify and describe the hormone...
51  cards
S10) The Endocrine Pancreas
Describe the two functions of the...,
Important polypeptide hormones ar...,
Identify the seven main cell type...
33  cards
S10) Diabetes Mellitus
What is diabetes mellitus,
What is a metabolic syndrome,
Identify the requirements of a me...
25  cards
S11) Calcium Metabolism
What are the normal serum calcium...,
How is calcium transported in the...,
Where is most of the calcium in t...
53  cards
Clinical Conditions
What is anaemia of chronic disease,
What is myelofibrosis,
What is homocystinuria
49  cards

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(lusuma) metabolism, endocrinology & haematology

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