m05 insurance law

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2015-2016 Deck
What three things are the ratio d...,
What does the principle of obiter...,
Is the obita dicta legally binding
341  cards
Chapter 10 - Subrogation And Contribution
When might the insured be able to...,
If a house owner did obtain compe...,
What is the main purpose of subro...
49  cards
Chapter 9- Measuring The Loss
What are most types of general in...,
What are non indemnity or conting...,
What s sort of policies or accide...
70  cards
Chapter 8- Makinf The Claim
What fundamental change has the c...,
Sometimes a person who insures is...,
What two distinct advantages are ...
53  cards
Chapter 6- Pre Contractual Information Duty
All insurance contracts are contr...,
What does utmost good faith mean,
What is a misrepresentation
35  cards
Chapter 7- Insurance Contracts And Key Terms
What happens if there are inconsi...,
What is a breach of pre contractu...,
What is a breach of contract
59  cards
Chapter 5- Insurance Contract Formation And Insurable Interest
When will and insurance contract ...,
If the insured does not receive t...,
If the insured just received the ...
26  cards
Chapter 4 - Law Of Agency
What three ways can agency be cre...,
What is agency by agreement,
What way are agents normally appo...
21  cards
Chapter 2- The Law Of Torts
What is libel,
What are examples of libel,
What is slander
72  cards
Chapter 3 - Law Of Contract
What is this an example of where ...,
What is it an example of what eac...,
Why can avoid contracts have no b...
46  cards
Chapter 1- law and legal systems
What is public law concerned with,
What is constitutional law concer...,
What does constitutional law cons...
39  cards

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m05 insurance law

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