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Lecture 2: Acid/Bases
Bicarbonate equation,
28  cards
Proteins I
List the non covalent nc intermol...,
Key noncovalent interactions,
Force between oppositely charged ...
25  cards
Proteins II
Levels of protein structures,
Supersecondary structure between,
The linear sequence of amino acid...
33  cards
Proteins III
Catalyzes rxn of pyruvate lactate,
Protein isoform with two subunits,
Higher than normal levels of h4 i...
31  cards
Proteins IV
Most play structural or mechanica...,
Abundant in ligaments lungs walls...,
Exists as dimers of right handed ...
16  cards
Total blood volume in human body,
Flow of oxygen in the body
22  cards
Blood Coagulation
Steps of hemostasis,
Vessel wall endothelial cells and...,
Platelets circulating cellular el...
49  cards
Proteolytic enzymes catalyze the ...,
Most proteolytic enzymes also cat...,
An inactive enzyme without its co...
72  cards
Biochemisty of Drugs as Enzyme Inactivators
A mechanism based enzyme inactiva...,
Irreversible inhibitor bond,
Inactivators that does not form a...
58  cards
Lecture 1: Bioenergetics
Benjamin murray life long alcohol...,
Deficiency in the b vitamin niaci...,
Deficiency in niacin affects many...
39  cards
Glycolysis is the oxidation of __...,
Glycolysis occurs where,
Three stages of glycolysis
24  cards
TCA Cycle
Where does the tricarboxylic acid...,
The tca cycle is a part of,
The tca consists of a series of _...
24  cards
The Electron Transport Chain, ATP Synthesis, and Mitochondrial Shuttles
Complex i,
Complex iii,
Complex iv
55  cards
Brain requires ______ grams of gl...,
New glucose synthesis,
Gluconeogenesis is the net synthe...
49  cards
Glycogen Metabolism
A readily mobilizable storage of ...,
Two places in the body glycogen i...,
Glycogen is present in granules c...
75  cards
Fatty acids are,
Membrane lipids are,
Many lipids are present in the ce...
60  cards
Fatty Acid Catabolism
Cells can obtain fatty acid fuels...,
Dietary fats are absorbed in the ...,
88  cards
Lipid Biosynthesis
Biosynthesis requires,
Breakdown of lipids occurs in bio...,
Catalyzes the irreversible format...
81  cards
Lipids - Clinical Applications
Organic molecules that are solubl...,
After ingested fats lipids are cl...,
Circulating lipids are transporte...
53  cards
Peripheral Nerve
Create myolien in the pns,
Peripheral nerves contains ______...,
A nerve is usually made up from a...
29  cards
Muscle Histology
All types of muscle have _______ ...,
Unique characteristic of cardiac ...,
Smallest unit of skeletal muscle
15  cards
Abdominal Cavity
Retroperitoneal primary,
Stomach to diaphragm
12  cards
The first stage in the developmen...,
Approximately _______ hours after...,
After three more divisions there ...
29  cards
Lipid Malabsorption Clinical Concepts
Intestinal permeability test,
Malabsorption refers to,
Digestion and absorption of fat i...
56  cards
Purine and Pyrimidine Synthesis
Amino acids are precursors,
Nucleotides roles in,
Nucleotides have three components
39  cards
Purine and Pyrimidine Breakdown and Heme
Ribonucleotides are the precursorsof,
Converts ribonucleotides to deoxy...,
Intermediate hydrogen carrying pr...
52  cards
Nitrogen Balance, Urea Cycle, and Amino Acid Metabolism
Metabolic relationships of,
Solely ketogenic aas,
Positive n balance negative n bal...
19  cards
Amino Acid Metabolism and associated diseases
Aa synthesis glutamate glutamine ...,
Synthesis of proline ornithine st...
20  cards
Nucleic Acid Structures
Join the 3 carbon of one sugar to...,
Dna chains are ______ meaning on ...,
Located on the outside of the dou...
81  cards
Gene Expression and Regulation
Inhibitors to know,
Process by which an enzyme system...,
Rna synthesis does not require
41  cards
Protein Synthesis
Simply a change in a gene,
Involve a change in a single base...,
Are detected by gene sequence det...
7  cards
Molecular Medicine
What is kras,
The major kras mutation is in the...,
Number of genetic markers for gen...
8  cards
Overview of Cells and Structure
Most cells have the same organell...,
29  cards
Due to abnormal ciliary dyneinsym...,
Cell interior composed of,
Cytosol often comprises more than...
44  cards
Intro to Histology
Each fiver of skeletal muscle cel...,
Cardia muscle cells are smaller a...,
Line hollow organs
48  cards
Membrane Structure and Function
Membranes grow through,
The er incorporates membranes,
Double line at high magnifications
76  cards
Define cristae,
41  cards
Nuclear staining varies greatly b...,
Why do nuclei vary so much
40  cards
Connective Tissue
One of the basic tissues which gi...,
Functions of connective tissue,
Connective tissues develop from t...
55  cards
Cell Adhesion
Adhesion of cells to each other a...,
These events regulate an organism...,
Protein complexes forming at spec...
38  cards
Biosynthesis and Cell Membranes
Ribosomal proteins make up,
Rrna make up,
Decodes the codons in mrnabind th...
30  cards
Blood functions,
Blood volume,
75  cards
Lymphoid Organs
Lymphoid organs,
25  cards
Basic Components of the Immune System
The process by which hematopoieti...,
Primary lymphoid organs,
Secondary lymphoid organs
35  cards
CD antigens
Adhesion molecule expressed on t ...,
Expressed on t cells and thymocyt...,
Expressed on helper th1 and th2 t...
14  cards
Introduction to Viruses
Classification of dna viruses par...,
25  cards
Somatosensory Receptor Physiology
Detection of the elements and ene...,
Sensation requires and is trigger...,
The interpretation of the signifi...
29  cards
Physiology of Somatosensation
Somatosensationsensory informatio...,
Sensory receptors in the skin,
Determinants of stimulus localiza...
24  cards

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