ma nha certification

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Communication and Customer Service
In which of the following locatio...,
Which of the following demonstrat...,
A medical assistant is providing ...
5  cards
Medical Law and Ethics
Define malfeasance,
Define ethical distress,
A medical assistant should identi...
8  cards
Healthcare Systems and Settings
What is the difference between an...,
What is an occupational therapist,
What is the affordable care act
6  cards
Medical Terminology
Fowlers position,
Trendelenburg position,
Sims position
183  cards
Basic Pharmacology
An ma should categorize methyl sa...,
What is a medication half life,
Antiemetic medication
64  cards
What food is a good source of vit...,
What do grains help with,
What helps regulate muscle activi...
31  cards
What happens during the bargainin...,
What happens during anger stage o...,
What happens during denial stage ...
11  cards
Body structures and Organ Systems
What organ produces vitamin d pro...,
What organ performs filtering met...,
Define dorsal
67  cards
Pathophysiology and Disease Processes
What disease is characterized by ...,
What viral disease resulted in an...,
What disease presented fever nasa...
31  cards
What bacteria is shaped like a comma,
What bacteria is shaped like a rod,
What bacteria is shaped like a sp...
16  cards
General Patient Care
Average hr of birth to 1 minth,
Average hr of 1 12 month old,
Hr of 1 3 years old
18  cards
Infection Control
Which of the following methods sh...,
Which disposal method should an m...
2  cards
Testing and Laboratory Procedures
What is the expected ph reference...,
What is the expected reference ra...,
What would someone need to know t...
19  cards
When drawing blood cultures what ...,
What are the steps of phlebotomy ...,
How long should you a serum speci...
15  cards
EKG and Cardiovascular Testing
What is the ratio of applied lead...,
A provider requests a rhythm stri...,
What is the standard speed of the...
21  cards
Patient Care Coordination and Education
Define pcmh,
Define accountable care organization
2  cards
Administrative Assisting
Define accounts receivable,
What does soap stand for,
What is coinsurance
3  cards

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