macos 11 - apple certified support technician

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Lesson 1—Introduction to macOS
Which two apple developed and eng...,
What is the default file system f...,
File system apfs
6  cards
Lesson 2—Update, Upgrade, Reinstall macOS
What are the differences between ...,
What steps should you take before...,
What are the system requirements ...
11  cards
Lesson 3—Set Up Your Mac
Which tool guides you through the...,
Which feature can significantly i...,
Which key features do you gain by...
10  cards
Lesson 4—Use the Command Line
What are some advantages of using...,
What are the four parts of a comm...,
Which terminal command should you...
15  cards
Lesson 5—Use macOS Recovery
Which utilities are available whe...,
How do you start up from macos re...,
What are the different macos reco...
20  cards
Lesson 6—Update macOS
Which software does the automatic...,
What account credentials do you n...,
How does macos tell you that a so...
8  cards
Lesson 7—Manage User Accounts
What are the 6 types of local use...,
What other types of user accounts...,
Can a standard account user insta...
17  cards
Lesson 8—Manage User Home Folders
Which 7 folders by default are co...,
How do you turn on the stacks fea...,
Why don t you see your library fo...
7  cards
Lesson 9—Manage Security and Privacy
What are the 5 different types of...,
What 7 types of items can you sto...,
How does keychain access help pro...
11  cards
Lesson 10—Manage Password Changes
How can you change your local com...,
How can you reset another user s ...,
How does resetting a user s accou...
5  cards
Lesson 11—Manage File Systems and Storage
What do you call the process of a...,
What are two apfs volume roles wi...,
What new layer of security does m...
9  cards
Lesson 12—Manage FileVault
How does filevault protect user data,
What do mac computers with apple ...,
What do intel based mac computers...
5  cards
Lesson 13—Manage Permissions and Sharing
How do you identify the ownership...,
Which ownership tiers are used wi...,
How do access control lists acls ...
5  cards
Lesson 14—Use Hidden Items, Shortcuts, and File Archives
Why does the finder hide certain ...,
Which two methods can you use to ...,
What are some ways to navigate to...
8  cards
Lesson 15—Manage System Resources
What are the four default top lev...,
What are 10 common system resourc...,
What are the three supported syst...
16  cards
Lesson 16—Use Metadata, Siri, and Spotlight
What is file system metadata what...,
What are some of the common file ...,
What are file system tags where c...
8  cards
Lesson 17—Manage Time Machine
What can you back up with time ma...,
Which types of files are omitted ...,
Why is time machine inefficient a...
6  cards
Lesson 18—Install Apps
How can apps you purchased on one...,
Which programs allow businesses a...,
How many apple ids can be part of...
7  cards
Lesson 19—Manage Files
What identifies the app that shou...,
How do you engage quick look whic...,
Which technology lets quick look ...
11  cards
Lesson 20—Manage and Troubleshoot Apps
What is a universal app,
What is rosetta,
How do you install rosetta
13  cards
Lesson 21—Manage Basic Network Settings
What is a media access control ma...,
How are internet protocol v4 ipv4...,
What s the purpose of ipv4 addres...
10  cards
Lesson 22—Manage Advanced Network Settings
What s a network location who can...,
Which 11 interfaces and protocols...,
How does network service order af...
6  cards
Lesson 23—Troubleshoot Network Issues
How can you identify the mac addr...,
What s the term for the current d...,
How can you verify basic connecti...
5  cards
Lesson 24—Manage Network Services
What s the relationship between c...,
What s the relationship between a...,
What s the primary interface for ...
10  cards
Lesson 25—Manage Host Sharing and Personal Firewall
Which sharing services does macos...,
What is content caching,
Which app can provide on demand s...
8  cards
Lesson 26—Troubleshoot Peripherals
What are the three primary periph...,
What must occur for a mac to comm...,
What is a device driver what are ...
6  cards
Lesson 27—Manage Printers and Scanners
Which apple technology helps you ...,
What does cups do,
Which two actions might you need ...
8  cards
Lesson 28—Troubleshoot Startup and System Issues
How does a mac with apple silicon...,
What are the primary system initi...,
What does the firmware do what s ...
16  cards

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