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Chapter 4 - What Macroeconomics is All About
What is the value of total produc...,
Total output is measured in _____...,
With real national income _______...
60  cards
Chapter 5 - The Measurement of National Income
What is called the error arising ...,
A canadian farmer pays 400 for se...,
What is the difference between fi...
57  cards
Chapter 6 - The Simplest Short Run Macro System
What is the equation for actual n...,
What is the equation for desired ...,
National income accounts measure ...
48  cards
CH7 - Government and Trade
In our macro model gov purchases ...,
G does not include what,
What is the net tax revenue equation
49  cards
CH8 - AD and AS
A change in the price level shift...,
What is the price level,
What is the private sector of the...
44  cards
CH9 - From the Short Run to the Long Run
It the short run macro model it i...,
What are the 2 assumptions regard...,
What are the 2 assumptions regard...
31  cards
CH10 - Long-Run Economic Growth
What is economic growth,
When do increase in material livi...,
An important cost of economic gro...
46  cards
CH11 - Money and Banking
What are the 3 functions money se...,
Paper money and coins that are no...,
What are the 3 main functions of ...
65  cards
CH12 - Money, Interest Rates, and Economic Activity
What is the present value,
How is the present value of a bon...,
What type of government bond make...
48  cards
CH13 Monetary Policy in Canada
Can the bank of canada directly s...,
What are the 2 things central ban...,
What are open market operations
16  cards
CH14 - Inflation and disinflation
What are the macroeconomic forces...,
What type of pressure on wages do...,
What is nairu
51  cards
CH15 - Unemployment fluctuations and the NAIRU
What are the 2 characteristics of...,
Why does the unemployment rate fl...,
What determines the actual amount...
38  cards
CH16 - Government Debt and Deficits
What relationship is summarized i...,
What is the government s budget c...,
What are the 2 categories of gove...
34  cards
CH19 - Exchange Rates and Balance of Payments
What is the balance of payments,
The sale of a product asset to fo...,
The purchase of a product asset f...
32  cards

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