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chapter 1
Why can households reflect the ec...,
What are some examples of scare r...,
Why is the management of an econo...
71  cards
chapter 5
What is a key measure for nationa...,
Is gdp a very comparable measure,
For an economy as a whole income ...
67  cards
chapter 6
What is the cpi,
What does the cpi measure,
What are the 5 steps to compute c...
36  cards
chapter 7
What is economic growing typicall...,
What are the 2 common measures of...,
What does the gdp growth rate report
89  cards
What is the formula to measure no...,
What is the formula to measure re...,
What is the formula for the gdp d...
15  cards
chapter 8
How do people obtain financial re...,
What are financial systems,
How do financial institutions mat...
65  cards
chapter 9
What are the 2 categories that un...,
What does the natural unemploymen...,
What is
72  cards
chapter 10
What is money,
What are the 3 main functions of ...,
What distinguishes money from oth...
118  cards
chapter 11
What are the 3 ways to measure in...,
How can inflation rate be measured,
Over the past 70 years what is th...
38  cards
chapter 12
What are the 2 ways open economie...,
What is net exports trade balance,
What does net exports determine
141  cards
chapter 13
What are the 3 assumptions for a ...,
What are the 2 main focuses of th...,
What is the supply in the market ...
40  cards
chapter 14
What is aggregate demand curve,
What is the aggregate supply curve,
What way is the aggregate demand ...
46  cards
What are the 4 graphs that will b...,
How are the graphs linked together,
What links the foreign exchange m...
4  cards

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