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Economic Growth
What is economic growth,
What are nominal values,
What are real values
18  cards
What is inflation,
Define disinflation,
Define deflation
24  cards
Employment and Unemployment
What is the lfs,
What is the claimant count,
How is the claimant count conducted
29  cards
Balance of Payments AS
What is the balance of payments,
What are inflows of foreign curre...,
What are outflows of foreign curr...
13  cards
Aggregate Demand
What is aggregate demand,
Components of ad,
Why does the ad curve slope downw...
7  cards
What is consumption,
What are the factor incomes for t...,
What is mpc
14  cards
Business Investment
What is investment,
What are capital goods,
What is gross investment
7  cards
Government Spending
What is capital spending,
What happens when gdp is rising,
Why will the government likely sp...
4  cards
Net Trade
What are exports in the circular ...,
How does real income affect exports,
How do exchange rates affect exports
5  cards
What is sras,
What should happen when general p...,
What should happen when general p...
12  cards
Aggregate Supply
What is aggregate supply
1  cards
What is lras,
What are the main factor causing ...,
What does an outward shift in lra...
18  cards
National Income
What do households receive,
What do businesses hire,
What do firms receive
7  cards
Injections and Withdrawals
What qualifies as injections j,
What qualifies as leakages,
What happens when incomes leakages
4  cards
Equilibrium Real National Output
When does equilibrium national ou...,
What does an increase in ad lead to,
What does an outward shift of ad ...
7  cards
The Multiplier
Describe the multiplier effect,
Consequences of the multiplier ef...,
Formula for multiplier closed eco...
16  cards
Causes of Economic Growth
What is economic growth,
What are the main drivers of long...,
What is short run economic growth
10  cards
Output Gaps
What is the output gap,
How do you show negative output g...,
What is a positive output gap
8  cards
Trade Cycle
Define boom,
Define depression,
Define recovery
28  cards
Impact of Economic Growth
Benefits of economic growth,
Drawbacks of rapid economic growth,
Causes of long run economic growth
9  cards
Possible Macroeconomic Objectives
What are the main macroeconomic o...
1  cards
Demand Side Policy
3 broad categories of macroeconom...,
What is fiscal policy,
Why is fiscal policy used
57  cards
Supply Side Policies
What are supply side policies,
What does the lras show,
Where do most supply side improve...
18  cards
What are the aspects of globalisa...,
What does globalisation result in,
Define globalisation
44  cards
Specialisation and Trade
What is factor endowment,
Define mutually,
Define product differentiation
30  cards
Measures of Development
What is economic development about,
What does development require,
Define economic growth
24  cards
Factors of Development
Terms of trade index formula,
What does a rise in terms of trad...,
What does a rise in terms of trad...
56  cards
Role of Central Banks
What are the different roles of c...,
What is the banker to the governm...,
What is the banker to the banks role
4  cards
Strategies Influencing Growth and Development
Why is trade liberalisation likel...,
Advantages of trade liberalisatio...,
Disadvantages of trade liberalisa...
48  cards
Public Expenditure
What are the types of government ...,
What is the proportion of public ...,
Define current expenditure
18  cards
What is progressive taxation,
What is proportional taxation,
What is regressive taxation
12  cards
Restrictions on Free Trade
Define free trade,
Define protectionism,
Reasons why countries use trade r...
31  cards
Trading Blocs and WTO
Main 3 ways trade can be liberalised,
What is the gatt,
Problems with the gatt
24  cards
Public Sector Finances
Define fiscal deficit budget deficit,
Define national debt,
Define debt to gdp ratio
15  cards
Macroeconomic Policies In A Global Context
How to calculate debt to gdp ratio,
Methods to reduce budget deficits...,
Define austerity
3  cards
Pattern of Trade
What is the geographical pattern ...,
What is intra regional trade,
What is the gravity theory
11  cards
Terms of Trade
Terms of trade definition,
Terms of trade index formula,
What does a rise in the price ind...
5  cards
Balance of Payments A2
What is the current account of a ...,
What is primary income,
What is secondary income
17  cards
Exchange Rates
What is an exchange rate,
Whare ate the main exchange rate ...,
What is a free floating exchange ...
15  cards
Absolute and Relative Poverty
What is absolute poverty,
What are the two extreme poverty ...,
What is relative poverty
17  cards
International Competitiveness
What is external competitiveness,
What is the core measure of compe...,
Key measure for price cost compet...
20  cards
Role of Financial Markets
What is the money market,
What is the capital market,
What is the foreign exchange market
20  cards
Market Failure In The Financial Sector
What is a moral hazard,
What is a speculative bubble,
What can cause a speculative bubble
5  cards
What is universal basic income,
What is the objective of ubi,
How ubi funded
8  cards
Uk economic fiscal policy for exp...,
Uk economic fiscal policy for con...,
Privatisation of royal mail
22  cards

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