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Festival Dance
It is celebrated in cebu city for...,
It is celebrated in aklan every t...,
Type of festival that honors a re...
21  cards
Neoclassical and Romantic Period Paintings
The art style in this period was ...,
Artistic interpretations of class...,
Major characteristics of neoclass...
23  cards
Romantic Era: Violin and Strings and Piano Music
Born on october 27 1782 in genoa ...,
Born on october 27 1782 in genoa ...,
La campanella
35  cards
Romantic Era: Program Music
He is a french romantic composer ...,
Symphonie fantastique,
In this composition berlioz showc...
25  cards
Arts of the Neo-classic and Romantic Period
One of the great ages of public s...,
A prolific italian artist and scu...,
He opened the idea for portraying...
16  cards
Festivals of the Philippines
Regarded as the biggest celebrati...,
The devotion and history of our l...,
Began after rev fr ambrosio galin...
10  cards
Dressing and Bandages
Is a piece of sterile cloth that ...,
Used to reduce swelling and relie...,
Used to allow normal blood circul...
11  cards
Music of The Romantic Period
Romantic period of music is the y...,
In romantic music composers belie...,
What is reflected in most of the ...
10  cards
Neo Classicism and Romanticism in the PHILIPPINES
He was acknowledged as one of the...,
Portrays two scantily clothed chr...,
Portrays two scantily clothed chr...
11  cards
Gothic Revival Architecture
Also referred to as victorian got...,
Common materials,
Allowed a greater ceiling height ...
8  cards
Survey of The Scene
Used when the victim is unconscio...,
Are details discovered by applyin...,
Are sensations that the victim fe...
18  cards

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