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Quiz 1: Antenatal Care
An extra uterine pregnancy is sug...,
A woman should book for antenatal...,
When a patient has had a caesarea...
20  cards
Quiz 2: Assessment of Foetal Growth
Which of the following statements...,
Which of the following is the bes...,
Which of the following symphysis ...
20  cards
Quiz 3: Hypertensive Disorders of Pregnancy
What is the definition of hyperte...,
What is the definition of signifi...,
How should you define pre eclamps...
20  cards
Quiz 4: Antepartum Haemorrhage
What is the definition of an ante...,
Antepartum haemorrhage is an impo...,
Which of the following is an impo...
20  cards
Quiz 5: Preterm Labour and Preterm Rupture of the Membranes
What is the definition of preterm...,
Preterm rupture of the membranes ...,
Preterm labour is important becau...
20  cards
Quiz 6: Monitoring the condition of the mother during the first stage of labour
What is a partogram a chart for r...,
During the first stage of labour ...,
Which of the following indicates ...
20  cards
Quiz 7: Monitoring the condition of the foetus during the first stage of labour
Compression of the fetal head dur...,
What is the commonest cause of a ...,
How does the fetus usually respon...
20  cards
Quiz 8: Monitoring and managing the first stage of labour
The latent phase of the first sta...,
What is the name given to the fir...,
If a patient s cervix is 2 cm dil...
20  cards
Quiz 9: The second stage of labour
When does the second stage of lab...,
What would suggest that the patie...,
When is the fetal head engaged wh...
20  cards
Quiz 10: Managing pain during labour
Analgesia means the relief of pai...,
Anaesthesia means the relief of p...,
Which of the following statements...
20  cards
Quiz 11: The third stage of labour
The third stage of labour starts ...,
Which statement about the third s...,
The active management of the thir...
20  cards
Quiz 12: The Puerperium
The puerperium starts when the in...,
Soon after a normal delivery a he...,
In the puerperium stress incontin...
20  cards
Quiz 13: Medical problems during pregnancy, labour and the puerperium
A patient with cystitis usually c...,
Cystitis is treated by asking the...,
A patient with asymptomatic bacte...
20  cards
Quiz 14: Family Planning After Pregnancy
The most important aim of family ...,
In poor communities the preventio...,
The correct way to advise a woman...
20  cards
Quiz 15: Regionalised Perinatal Care
What is regionalised perinatal ca...,
What percentage of patients can u...,
Most low risk pregnant women shou...
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