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Decimal Equivalents
If 3 x 6 is 18 what is 03 x 6,
If 4 x 36 is 144 what is 4 x 36,
If 74 x 162 is 11988 what is 74 x...
30  cards
Interior Angles
7  cards
Circle Theorems
The angle subtended by an arc at ...,
The angle at the circumference by...,
Opposite angles in a cyclic quadr...
9  cards
Perimeter and Area
If a square has sides 3cm long wh...,
If a woman takes her dog for a wa...,
How would you find the area of a ...
23  cards
What is volume,
What units do we usually use to m...,
What is the mathematical name of ...
22  cards
2D and 3D Shapes
Square based pyramid,
30  cards
Solving Equations
Solve this equation 4x 8,
Solve this equation x 3 4,
Solve this equation x 4 7
50  cards
Fully cancel down this ratio6 4,
Fully cancel down this ratio5 10,
Fully cancel down this ratio12 9
39  cards
Transformations (Under construction)
Which of these describes the tran...,
Look at the transformations below...,
What type of transformation is th...
10  cards
Simplifying Expressions, expanding brackets and factorising
17  cards
How would you find 10 of any quan...,
How would you find 25 of any quan...,
How would you find 50 of any quan...
17  cards
Factors, Multiples and Prime Numbers
What are the first five multiples...,
What are the multiples of 9 betwe...,
What is the lowest common multipl...
23  cards
What are the multiples of 20,
What are the factors of 20,
How do you find 50 of a number
181  cards
Need to know Formulae
Pythagoras theorem,
Quadratic formula,
Sine rule
19  cards
Non-Calc Trig Values
Sin 0,
Sin 30,
Sin 45
15  cards
Nth term rules
What does 2a equal,
What is a b c equal to,
What does 3a b equal
3  cards
histogram formula
What is the formula for frequency
1  cards
graph transformation
What does y f x c do,
What does y f x c do,
What does y cf x do
6  cards

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