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Client Care
What do you understand by client ...,
What is a stakeholder,
What is a lessons learnt workshop
17  cards
Design Economics & Cost Planning - General
What is the difference between an...,
What is a cost plan,
What is the difference between co...
71  cards
Quantification & Costing
What is gea,
What is gia,
What is nia
5  cards
When was the rics formed,
What is the role of the rics,
Who is the rics president
67  cards
Health and Safety
What is the hse,
What is a construction phase plan,
What is a risk assessment
45  cards
Conduct rules, ethics and professional practice
What is the central purpose of th...,
How does the rics ensure members ...,
How does the rics ensure firms ab...
142  cards
Health & safety
What guidance did the rics releas...,
What is the structure of rics sur...,
According to rics surveying safel...
66  cards
What professional statement did t...,
What was the aim of rics property...,
Which ipms measuring practices we...
44  cards
Conflict avoidance, management and dispute resolution procedures
What can you do to try and avoid ...,
What are the three main processes...,
What are the advantages of altern...
19  cards
How is the rics helping introduce...,
What legally binding commitment h...,
What legislation requires all bui...
38  cards
Ethics - Level 3
What is the central purpose of th...,
How does the rics ensure members ...,
What is the history behind the rics
166  cards
Client Care - Level 2
What process needs to be in place...,
What components must a chp include,
What is client care
30  cards
Communication and Negotiation - Level 2
What makes a successful negotiation,
What do you think about email com...,
Give an example of a difficult ne...
14  cards
Health and Safety - Level 2
What is the hswa 1974,
What are the management of health...,
Give examples of risk
51  cards
Accounting Principles and Procedures - Level 1
What is the difference between a ...,
What are the key financial statem...,
What is a cashflow statement
33  cards
Business Planning - Level 1
What is a business plan,
What is swot analysis,
What is pest analysis
16  cards
Conflict Avoidance, Management and Dispute Resolution Procedures - Level 1
Name some different forms of adr,
Name 3 forms of formal dispute re...,
What would you consider to select...
43  cards
Diversity, Inclusive and Teamwork - Level 1
What does the equality act 2010 s...,
What are the 9 protected characte...,
Please provide an example when yo...
13  cards
Sustainability - Level 1
What is sustainability,
What are the key principles of su...,
What regulations and codes of pra...
43  cards
Rules Of Conduct
How many rules are there,
What is appendix a,
When did the rules of conduct bec...
16  cards
AML, Briber And Corruption
When was the countering bribery a...,
What is an rics professional stat...,
How many parts in the bribery cor...
8  cards
Conflict Avoidance (MP)
How can you avoid conflict,
If conflict occurs how do you dea...,
What is the cause of most disputes
14  cards
Data Management (MP)
How long do you need to keep data...,
What data systems does your compa...,
What benefits are cloud based sys...
12  cards
Diversity, Inclusion and Teamworking (MP)
What is workplace diversity,
What are the advantages of a dive...,
Define inclusion in the workplace
7  cards
Business Planning (MP)
What is a business plan,
What is a swot analysis,
What is a pest analysis
13  cards
Sustainability (MP)
Definition of sustainability,
Whare are the pillars of sustaina...,
Measuring sustainability
10  cards
Accounting Principles and Procedures (MP)
What are the key financial statem...,
What is a profit and loss account,
What is a balance sheet
40  cards

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