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Respiratory - from West's 8th ed Chapter 1 - Structure & Function
Concerning the blood gas barrier ...,
When oxygen moves through the thi...,
What is the po2 in mm hg of moist...
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MCQs remembered from Aug 2015 ACEM
Pathology a 40yo man is found in ...,
A man has a popliteal aneurysm th...,
Physiology emq options a a alpha ...
65  cards
Respiratory - from West's 8th ed Chapter 2 - Ventilation
The only variable in the followin...,
Concerning the pulmonary acinus a...,
In a measurement of frc by helium...
6  cards
Pathology Black Book - from Robbin's 7th ed Chapter 2 - Inflammation
In acute inflammation a a hallmar...,
In acute inflammation which event...,
The first vascular response to in...
6  cards
Physiology - from Ganong's 23rd ed Chapter 31 - The Heart as a Pump
The second heart sound is caused ...,
The fourth heart sound is caused ...,
The dicrotic notch on the aortic ...
6  cards
Pathology Black Book - from Robbin's 7th ed Chapter 1 - Cell Injury and Death
11 apoptosis a is usually stimula...,
12 all of the following are endog...,
13 irreversible cell injury is ch...
9  cards
Respiratory - from West's 8th ed Chapter 3 - Diffusion
1 using fick s law of diffusion o...,
2 an exercising subject breathes ...,
3 in a normal person doubling the...
6  cards
Respiratory - from West's 8th ed Chapter 4 - Blood Flow and Metabolism
1 the ratio of total systemic vas...,
2 concerning the extra alveolar v...,
3 a patient with pulmonary vascul...
10  cards
Respiratory - from West's 8th ed Chapter 5 - Ventilation-Perfusion Relationships
1 a climber reaches an altitude o...,
2 a man with normal lungs and an ...,
3 in the situation described in q...
9  cards
Respiratory - from West's 8th ed Chapter 6 - Gas Transport by the Blood
1 the presence of hemoglobin in n...,
2 an increase in which of the fol...,
3 a patient with carbon monoxide ...
12  cards
Pharmacology Black Book - Pharmacokinetics & Pharmacodynamics
1 the volume of distribution a is...,
2 the volume of distribution a is...,
3 calculate the half life of digo...
6  cards
Physiology Black Book - Section 1 - Cellular & Molecular Basis for Medical Physiology
1 total body water a increases wi...,
2 with the addition of 1 litre of...,
3 regarding the composition of ec...
6  cards
Pharmacology - from Katzung's chapter 2 - Pharmacokinetics & Pharmacodynamics
Your patient has been receiving a...,
A 74 year old retired mechanic is...
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Physiology - from Ganong's 23rd ed Chapter 38 - Renal
In the presence of vasopressin th...,
In the absence of vasopressin the...,
If the clearance of a substance w...
7  cards
Physiology - from Ganong's 23rd ed Chapter 39 - Regulation of ECF
Dehydration increases the plasma ...,
In a patient who has become dehyd...,
Renin is secreted by a cells in t...
7  cards
Physiology - from Ganong's 23rd ed Chapter 40 - Acidification of the Urine
Which of the following is the pri...,
Increasing alveolar ventilation i...,
In uncompensated metabolic alkalo...
4  cards
Pathology - Robbin's Chapter 6 - Diseases of Immunity
Type iii immune complex mediated ...
1  cards
Anatomy - Upper Limb
Brachial plexus a the roots lie b...,
Which of the following structure ...,
Medial intermuscular septum is pi...
6  cards
Physiology - from Ganong's 23rd ed Chapter 21 - Endocrine Pancreas
Which of the following are incorr...,
Which of the following are incorr...,
Which of the following would be l...
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Respiratory - from West's 9th ed Chapter 7 - Mechanics of Breathing (1)
Concerning contraction of the dia...,
Concerning the pressure volume be...,
Two bubbles have the same surface...
14  cards
Physiology - Respiratory - Cairns (1)
Which one of the following is an ...,
During quiet breathing the diaphr...,
The normal residual volume in an ...
19  cards
Pathology - NZ Q's - 90 questions across the board
A preformed mediator of inflammat...,
In normal haemostasis a factor v ...,
Mononuclear phagocytes a are the ...
20  cards
Pathology - Cairns - Cardiovascular
Functions of endothelial cells in...,
Response to vascular injury is ch...,
Atheromatous plaque has all of th...
18  cards
Physiology - ACEM exam Feb 2015
Glucagon a promotes glycogenolysi...,
Which of the following has the mo...,
1 25 dihydroxycholecalciferol a i...
32  cards
Pathology - NZ Q's - 90 Q's across the board - more
All of the following organisms ca...,
Select the true statement concern...,
Select the false statement concer...
10  cards
Pathology - Haemodynamic Disorders, Thrombosis
White infarcts occur in a small i...
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