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14-09-21 - Cells and Organelles 1
State the approximate size of cel...,
What are the fundamental properti...,
What is the plasma membrane and w...
18  cards
14-09-21 - Infection Prevention and Control
What does the term hai mean,
What does the term hcai mean,
What does the term cai mean
12  cards
14-09-21 - Introduction to the Body
Describe the anatomical position ...,
Give definitions for these terms ...,
Give definitions for these terms ...
33  cards
15-09-21 - Cells and Organelles 2
How do vesicles organelles move a...,
Where are microtubules found and ...,
Give a brief explanation of uptak...
22  cards
16-09-21 - MS System: Bones
What are the functions of bones,
What does bone consist of and wha...,
What are the different parts of t...
26  cards
16-09-21 - Introduction to Biological Molecules
What are ionic bonds how do ionic...,
Why is ion concentration importan...,
What are covalent bonds how are t...
18  cards
21-09-21 - Epithelia
What are epithelial cells what ty...,
Where are epithelia found in the ...,
What is an epithelium used for in...
33  cards
21-09-21 - Primary Tissues
What are tissues hat are the adva...,
What does every cell in the body ...,
Give 3 examples of differentiated...
23  cards
21-09-21 - Introduction to Carbohydrates
How are carbohydrates made what a...,
What are the 3 types of carbohydr...,
How long are monosaccharides what...
22  cards
22-09-21 - MS System: Joints and Muscles
What is the definition of a joint...,
What are the 3 classifications of...,
What are the 3 classifications of...
37  cards
23-09-21 - Introduction to Medical Imaging
Define radiology,
What is the different medical ima...,
How do x rays radiographs work
18  cards
23-09-21 - Introduction to Medical Ethics
Why is trust important when deali...,
What are the roles of the gmc,
What are the 4 domains of the dut...
4  cards
23-09-21 - Moral Theory and Principle of Medical Ethics
What are the 3 common moral theor...,
What are shortcomings with each o...,
What are 3 other theories of medi...
10  cards
27-09-21 - White Blood Cells - Normal and Malignant
What is chemotaxis,
What are the 5 common types of wh...,
Granulocyte neutrophils what of w...
16  cards
27-09-21 - Structure of Proteins 1
What are the main functions of pr...,
How is protein involved in struct...,
How is protein involved in transp...
25  cards
28-09-21 - Heart and Circulation
How is the heart positioned in th...,
What is the pericardium what are ...,
What is the pulmonary and systemi...
18  cards
29-09-21 – Red Blood Cells – Creation, Function and Destruction
How much more numerous are red bl...,
What are red blood cells what are...,
How are erythrocytes rbcs produce...
23  cards
28-09-21 Genetic and Environmental Cause of Disease
What are the different reasons a ...,
Are heritable traits changeable w...,
How are heritable conditions link...
23  cards
30-09-21 - Blood Vessels and Lymphatics
What is a brief description of ci...,
What are the 3 layers of blood ve...,
What does the tunica intima creat...
36  cards
28-09-21 - Structure of Proteins 2
What is tertiary folding of a pro...,
What are intermolecular and intra...,
When is quaternary structure pres...
17  cards
04-10-21 - Structure of the Airway
1 what does the upper half of the...,
What is respiration what are the ...,
What is the nose what is the nasa...
22  cards
04-10-21 - Structure of the Lungs
What is anatomic dead space in te...,
Where can the trachea be felt wha...,
How many lobes lobar secondary br...
24  cards
05-10-21 - Introduction to Enzymes
Enzymes that are biological catal...,
What is rate enhancement of a cat...,
How are enzymes linked to differe...
19  cards
05-10-21 - Microbial Structure
What are the differences in genet...,
Difference of structure between e...,
What are the main 6 structures of...
23  cards
05-10-21 - Acute Inflammation
What are the causes of acute infl...,
What are the 5 signs of acute inf...,
What are the 2 initial phases of ...
23  cards
07-10-21 Consent
Why is consent important in medic...,
What are the 4 criteria for valid...,
Describe the rights of a capacito...
14  cards
06-10-21 - Chronic Inflammation
What are the usual sequelae of ac...,
What are the 4 factors that favou...,
What is organisation what are the...
20  cards
06-10-21 - GI System
What is the primary function of t...,
Label this diagram of the gi system,
What are the 3 major arteries tha...
27  cards
12-10-21 - Structure and Function of Skin
What are the 3 layers of the skin...,
What are the 3 main functions of ...,
What happens to skin when it is b...
20  cards
12-10-21 - Cell adhesion and Extracellular Matrix
What are the 6 main cells in conn...,
What is the extracellular matrix ...,
What is the function of fibroblas...
25  cards
11-10-21 - Classification of Disease
What is disease,
How do we classify conditions wha...,
What is aetiology what is pathoge...
16  cards
12-09-21 - Introduction to Microbial Infection
What are the 4 barriers to entry ...,
What is normal microbiota how do ...,
What are kochs postulates used fo...
22  cards
12-10-21 - Responses to Cell and Tissue Injury
What are the 2 main events that o...,
What are the 3 factors that deter...,
What are the 2 stages of lethal i...
21  cards
13-10-21 - Introduction to Immunology
1 where can different pathogens b...,
What are the 2 types of immune sy...,
What are 3 physical protections o...
22  cards
13-10-21 - Teamwork in Healthcare
What are 6 factors that drive the...,
What are 3 key elements of shared...,
What are examples of shared leade...
8  cards
15-10-21 - Infections of the Skin
What are 7 features of the skin t...,
What are 6 examples of skin condi...,
What are the 3 routes of infectio...
18  cards
14-10-21 - Pancreas and Liver
What are the 5 parts of the pancr...,
What are the blood vessels that s...,
What are the ducts that come out ...
20  cards
Urinary system
Name the three functions of the u...,
How can the kidneys affect the ph...,
How can the kidneys indirectly ra...
25  cards
14-10-21 - Confidentiality
What is the definition of confide...,
What are 4 reasons why confidenti...,
What does common law from gmc 201...
12  cards
26-10-21 - Introduction to Molecular Biology 1
What are the sugars found in rna ...,
2 what are the 4 bases that are i...,
What is the structure of dna like
17  cards
26-10-21 - Introduction to Molecular Biology 2
What are the 3 different modes of...,
Describe the meselson stahl exper...,
How is speed achieved when it com...
14  cards
28-10-21 - Introduction to Molecular Biology 3
What are 3 differences in the sec...,
What is dnas only function what a...,
What unwinds dna for transcriptio...
23  cards
27-10-21 - Surgical Site Infections
What are surgical site infections...,
What are the differences between ...,
What are the 6 clinical signs of ...
20  cards
26-10-21 - Reproductive System
What are the arteries and veins t...,
Where are the testes suspended wh...,
What do the male gonads produce w...
32  cards
27-10-21 - Endocrine System
Learning outcomes,
What is the endocrine system what...,
What are endocrine glands why do ...
34  cards
30-09-21 - Doctor-Patient Communication
What are the 2 different styles o...,
What are characteristics of docto...,
What are characteristics of patie...
8  cards
29-10-21 - Introduction to the Nervous System
Learning outcomes,
What does the cns consist of what...,
What are the 4 different parts of...
41  cards
01-11-21 - Early Embryonic Development
Learning outcomes,
Where is the oocyte released form...,
How many chromosomes do gametes h...
25  cards
01-11-21 - Gastrulation and Neurulation
Learning outcomes,
What are the structures present o...,
What occurs during gastrulation w...
24  cards
01-10-21 - Homeostasis
Learning outcomes,
What is the hierarchy of structur...,
What do all the organ systems in ...
17  cards
01-10-21 - Body Fluid Compartments
Learning outcomes,
What blood serves as in the body ...,
What of body weight is ecf what a...
21  cards
02-11-21 - Lipids in Cell Membranes
Learning outcomes,
What is solubility of lipids like...,
What do fatty acids serve as what...
28  cards
02-11-21 - Molecular Movement Across Membranes
Learning outcomes,
What are the 2 types of transport...,
What is the formula for concentra...
23  cards
03-11-21 - Active Transport and The Sodium Pump
What is the sodium pump what is i...,
What is the sodium pump what is i...,
What are the subunits of the na k...
15  cards
03-11-21 - Principles of Antimicrobial Therapy
Learning outcomes,
What are chemotherapeutic agents ...,
What are 3 examples of selective ...
14  cards
04-11-21 - Ionic Basis of Action Potential
Learning outcomes,
What are the concentration gradie...,
What are the 5 steps which descri...
18  cards
04-11-21 - Introduction to Molecular Biology 4
Learning outcomes,
What must happen after transcript...,
What does mrna need to travel thr...
26  cards
08-11-21 - History Taking
Learning outcomes,
What are the 7 stages for the str...,
How do you start the presenting c...
12  cards
08-11-21 - Use of Health Services
Learning outcomes,
What are the 6 different factors ...,
What are the 4 reasons contributi...
9  cards
08-11-21 - Introduction Public Health
Learning outcomes,
What is the definition of health ...,
What are social determinants of h...
6  cards
09-11-21 - Introduction to Epidemiology
Learning outcomes,
What is epidemiology the study of,
What is mortality rate what is mo...
22  cards
09-11-21 - Introduction to Health Protection
Learning outcomes,
What are the 5 different patterns...,
What is the epidemiological triad...
8  cards
10-11-21 - Common Sense Model (CSM) of Illness
Learning outcomes,
What are 3 health related message...,
What are 3 basic assumptions of t...
6  cards
11-11-21 - Spread of the Nerve Impulse
Learning outcomes,
What are neurons how do they tran...,
What is the function of glial cel...
19  cards
09-11-21 - Making an infection Diagnosis
Learning outcomes,
What 3 things does microbiology d...,
2 what are 5 roles of clinical mi...
17  cards
10-10-21 - Science and Medicine
Learning outcomes,
How is evidence based medicine ap...,
What are the 7 steps of the scien...
8  cards
09-11-21 - The Back - Bones, Ligaments, Muscles
Learning outcomes,
What does the vertebral column co...,
What are the 6 roles of the verte...
35  cards
15-11-21 - Synapse 1
Learning outcomes,
How does where signals land on ne...,
What is the definition of a synap...
17  cards
16-11-21 - Local Anaesthetics
Learning outcomes,
What are 4 situations local anaes...,
What is the basic structure of lo...
11  cards
16-11-21 - Common Sense Model of Treatment
Learning outcomes,
What are illness beliefs why are ...,
What do good treatment outcomes d...
10  cards
17-11-21 - Basics of Ultrasound
Learning outcomes,
What are hertz what are they defi...,
How do diagnostic ultrasounds wor...
22  cards
17-11-21 - Clinical Application of Ultrasound
Learning outcomes,
What is lithotripsy what then hap...,
What is thermal index ti what is ...
20  cards
15-11-21 Spinal Cord and Meninges
Learning outcomes,
Learning outcomes,
What forms the anterior and poste...
24  cards
18-11-21 - Synapse 2
Learning outcomes,
What are 3 factors that determine...,
How does the system of descending...
14  cards
23-11-21 - Ion Channels
Learning outcomes,
What are 4 examples of factors th...,
What is channel gating what can b...
12  cards
25-11-21 - Clinical Anatomy of the Back
Learning outcomes,
What are 2 ways cervical ligament...,
What is spondylosis where is spon...
13  cards
18-11-21 - Spinal Nerves and their Distribution, Dermatome and Myotomes
Learning outcomes,
What are 5 reasons we may have to...,
What is the lumbar cistern where ...
24  cards
22-11-21 - Neurotransmitters
Learning outcomes,
Describe the 6 steps of signal tr...,
What are the four criteria of neu...
17  cards
22-11-21 - Information Quality not Quantity
Learning outcomes,
What are the 3 principles of evid...,
What is the number needed to trea...
8  cards
15-11-21 - Introduction to Health Promotion
Learning outcomes,
What is the ottawa charter,
2 what is involved in the medical...
8  cards
23-11-21 - Introduction to Global Health
Learning outcomes,
What is global health,
What is the geographical reach le...
8  cards
25-11-21 - Patient Pain
Learning outcomes,
What are 3 reasons we care about ...,
What is the definition of pain
21  cards

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