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Introduction to Medical Pharmacology
Overview of the importance of pharmacology in medicine
13  cards
Adrenergics and Antiadrenergics
Which receptors do the autonomic ...,
Which receptors do the autonomic ...,
Name a drug that would have a dir...
63  cards
Cholinergics and Anticholinergics
A direct anticholinergic drug use...,
In certain genetically susceptibl...,
A drug was given to cause surgica...
77  cards
List two examples of immunosuppre...,
List two examples of immunosuppre...,
Name an example of an immunosuppr...
21  cards
Coming soon,
What would be the usual analgesic...,
Why does indometacin have a stron...
35  cards
List effects of corticosteroids i...,
What is fludrocortisone,
List at least five examples of pr...
15  cards
H1 Antihistamines
A patient s urticaria is interfer...,
Which class of antihistamine drug...,
A 28 year old taxi driver present...
25  cards
Cough and Cold Medicines
List the classes of drugs used fo...,
List the classes of drugs used for,
List the classes of drug used for...
27  cards
Drugs for Asthma and COPD
What is the class of first line b...,
What is the class of first line a...,
What is the class of first line a...
32  cards
Drugs for Arthritic Disorders
What does sysadoa stand for,
Name an evidence based sys adoa f...,
Briefly explain the mechanisms of...
25  cards
Drugs Used in Constipation & Diarrhoea
List seven major groups of drugs ...,
List six major classes of drugs u...,
Name examples of bulk forming lax...
46  cards
Drugs Used in Nausea and Vomiting
List seven major classes of drugs...,
Name two examples of antiemetic s...,
Name an example of 1 a first gene...
24  cards
Drugs Used for Gastritis and Peptic Ulcer
List three classes of agents that...,
List three examples of mucosal pr...,
Rank common antacids according to...
26  cards
Drugs for Osteoporosis
Three major classes of pharmacolo...,
List the two major dietary supple...,
Why is it important to ensure suf...
40  cards

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