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SBL: Dermatology Pharm
What should you give for healing ...,
Bacitracin is great for gram ___ ...,
Neomycin is bacteriocidal or bact...
48  cards
SBL: HIV Pharmacology
Why does wolff say that emtricita...,
This thymidine analog was the fir...,
This thymidine analog is most ass...
32  cards
GI: Nausea/Vomiting
Which 5ht3 antagonist is only use...,
5ht3 receptor agonists are ____ a...,
What is the side effect with 5ht3...
28  cards
GI: Anti-ulcer Agents
Suffix of all h2 blockers,
Suffix for all the ppis,
What is the surface acting agent ...
29  cards
GI: Diarrhea, Abdominal Pain, and Constipation
What 5 drug classes can be sed fo...,
Does loperamide cross the bbb,
Moa for loperamide and diphenoxylate
49  cards
GI: Treatment of GI Infections
Treatments for c diff,
Treatment for c jejuni salmonella...,
What are the two options for trea...
28  cards
GI: IBD Pharm
Which drugs are specific to uc,
What base root word is in all the...,
What drug is a jak inhibitor
46  cards
GI: Hepatitis Pharm
What is the contraindication of a...,
Would you prescribe elbasvir graz...,
Peg ifn a 2_ can treat hepb and c...
34  cards
GI: Oddly Specific Hep Pharm Qs
Which hepb drugs can you use in t...,
Which hepb drugs can you use if t...,
Which hepb drug causes steatosis
16  cards
Cardio: Anti-Arrythmics
What parts of the heart has fast aps,
What parts of the heart has slow aps,
What are the class 1a anti arrhyt...
63  cards
Cardio: Drugs for Myocarditis, Endocarditis, and Pericarditis
Suffix of all acei,
Suffix of all arbs,
Black box warning of all acei and...
46  cards
Cardio: Drugs for Stable Angina
Are pharmological drugs the 1 cho...,
What are the ways to reduce o2 de...,
Moa of nitrates
40  cards
Cardio: Drugs for Aortic Dissection
What four drugs are first line fo...,
Moa of labetalol,
Indications for labetalol
32  cards
Cardio: Heart Failure Drugs
What are some drugs used for hear...,
What is the difference between sy...,
Which of the two systolic or dias...
75  cards
Cardio: Drugs Used for PAD and DVT
Moa of cilostazol,
When would you use cilostazol,
Adverse effects of cilostazol
54  cards
Cardio: Drugs for HTN and HTN Emergency/Urgency
What are the first line drugs use...,
What are the secondary drugs for htn,
Moa of thiazides
53  cards
Cardio: Drugs used for Shock
How do you treat hypotensive shock,
How do you treat anaphylactic shock,
What are the vasopressors used fo...
8  cards
Cardio: Drugs Used for Hyperlipidemia
Moa of statins specifically for l...,
What else can statins do besides ...,
Indications of statins
41  cards
Pulm: Drugs to Treat Pulmonary HTN
Who class i iv of pulmonary htn,
When would you use dihydropyridin...,
What three treatments are used in...
28  cards
Pulm: Drugs used for PE/DVT
Moa of heparin,
Which is rapid onset heparin or w...,
Is heparin safe in pregnancy
45  cards
Pulm: Drugs for Pneumonia (CAP, HAP, VAP)
Identify the bug rust colored sputum,
Identify the bug currant jelly sp...,
Identify the bug cultured on choc...
62  cards
Pulm: Drugs for Asthma and COPD
What are the saba drugs,
Adverse effects of albuterol,
Warning when taking the saba
40  cards
Pulm: Drugs for Interstitial Lung Disease
Moa of prednisone,
Warning when using prednisone,
What are some common adverse rxns...
21  cards
Pulm: Drugs for TB
What is an adverse effect of all ...,
What are the drugs to treat tb,
Indications for rifampin
14  cards
Pulm: Drugs used to Treat Fungal Infections
Polyene fungal drug,
Azole drugs for pulm infections,
Echiocandin drugs for pulm infect...
32  cards
Pulm: Drugs used for Influenza
Moa of oseltamivir zanamivir and ...,
Indications of oseltamivir tamiflu,
When would oseltamivir be contrai...
21  cards
Renal: Hypo- or Hyperkalemia Treatment
Moa of spironolactone,
Adverse effects of spironolactone,
Moa of furosemide
24  cards
Renal: Hypo- or Hypernatremia Treatment
Hypernatremia and hyponatremia ar...,
If a patient is hyponatremia and ...,
If a patient is hyponatremia and ...
22  cards
Renal: Drugs to Treat ANCA Vasculitis and Goodpasture Syndrome
Moa of glucocorticoids prednisone,
Indications for glucocorticoids p...,
Adverse reactions of glucocortico...
23  cards
Neuro: Antiepileptic Drugs
What neuronal imbalance causes se...,
What state do na channel blockers...,
Moa of lamotrigine
40  cards
Neuro: Pharmacology for Dementia
Moa of donepezil,
When would you prescribe donepezi...,
Adverse effects of donepezil
10  cards
Neuro: Drugs for Movement Disorders
In parkinsons ____ cannot be rele...,
Moa of amantadie,
What is the clinical application ...
36  cards
Neuro: Drugs for Pain
What does tissue damage initiate ...,
What causes secondary hyperalgesia,
Moa of aspirin
52  cards
Neuro: Drugs for Glaucoma
Suffix of all b blockers,
How do b blockers work for glaucoma,
Suffix for the a2 agonists
29  cards
MSK: Pharm of Osteoporosis and Gout
What are the two forms of vitd d2...,
Effect of calcitonin salmon,
Clinical applications for calcito...
45  cards
What drugs are first line for rhe...,
Moa of glucocorticoids,
What is the clinical application ...
56  cards
MSK: Skeletal Muscle Relaxants
What is the suffix of all the non...,
What is the only depolarizing neu...,
What are the centrally acting spa...
33  cards
MSK: General and Local Anesthetics
What is a common suffix of almost...,
What is the one inhaled anestheti...,
How does a high blood gas coeffic...
41  cards
Psych: Stimulants
How do stimulants work for adhd,
What are some common side effects...,
What is the most serious rare eff...
41  cards
Psych: Opiates
Which receptor produces all analg...,
Moa of morphine codeine hydrocodo...,
Moa of pentazocine
36  cards
Psych: Antidepressants
Which antidepressant is also used...,
Which antidepressant is also used...,
Which antidepressant is also used...
52  cards
Psych: Tobacco, Marijuana, and Cannabidiol
What are the benefits of vaping o...,
Concerns for vaping,
How does nicotine change your bra...
19  cards
Psych: Sedatives/Hypnotics
Definition producing relaxation c...,
Definition inducing drowsiness an...,
What schedule of drugs are barbit...
30  cards
Psych: Agents of Substance Abuse
What are the most commonly abused...,
What are the most commonly abused...,
What are the most commonly abused...
20  cards
Psych: Antipsychotics
Which antipsychotic is useful for...,
Which antipsychotic is useful for...,
How long does it take for antipsy...
29  cards
Female Repro: Prenatal Vitamins
Moa of misoprostol,
Clinical indications for misopros...,
Misoprostol is stable at what temp
34  cards
Female Repro: MHT and SERMs/TSECs
Describe the symptoms when mht wo...,
Who would estrogen alone be presc...,
Who would combo estrogen and prog...
29  cards
Endocrine: Drugs for Thyroid Disorders
How do thiocyanate and perchlorat...,
What is the indication for propra...,
Which drugs block the conversion ...
15  cards
Endocrine: Drugs for Diabetes
Which cell receptor does insulin ...,
Which cell receptor does insulin ...,
How does insulin decrease glucose...
42  cards
Endocrine: Corticosteroids
What are the main main reasons to...,
Moa of prednisone,
Moa of fludrocortisone
16  cards

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