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Admissin for suicide if,
Sga in refractory schizo,
Route of antipsychotic administra...
305  cards
Pediatrics 3
Peak age of infectious mononucleosis,
Ebv transmission,
Sx of infectious mononucleosis
358  cards
The most common congenital heart ...,
Inv for congenital chf,
Amount of deoxyhemoglobulin causi...
294  cards
Pediatric 1
At which age the normal hr range ...,
Infant visit schedule,
Publicly funded immunization sche...
197  cards
Infectious Disases
Preventive measures for contact i...,
Example of droplet borne infections,
Prevention of droplet borne diseases
428  cards
Xray attenuating order of structures,
Pulse vs continues fluoroscopy wi...,
The effect of higher u s frequenc...
278  cards
Neurosurg 2
Most common pathogen of brain abs...,
Brain abscess pathogen in neonates,
Brain abscess pathogen in penetra...
178  cards
Ophthalmo and neurosurg1
Visual acuity testing distance,
20 40 acuity means,
Testing hierarchy for low vision
375  cards
Vascular Surgery
How long can skeletal muscles tol...,
Ischemia due to embolus vs thrombus,
Inv for acute limb ischemia
44  cards
In new onset erectile dysfunction...,
The most common etiology of gross...,
The most common etiology of gross...
307  cards
Dominant hemisphere malfunction s...,
Non dominant hemisphere malfunction,
Cortical vs subcortical internal ...
419  cards
Axillary nerve motor sensory root,
Musculocutaneous nerve motor sens...,
Median nerve motor sensory root
378  cards
Neck triangle containing spinal a...,
Triangle containing hypoglossal n...,
Ciliary ganglion
334  cards
Public Health
Population health refers to,
Public health refers to,
Epidemiology scope
50  cards
Plastic Surgery
Surgical margins for low risk bcc,
Surgical margin for high risk bcc,
High risk features for bcc
199  cards
Emergency Medicine
Rapid primary survey components,
If cardiac arrest primary survey ...,
Airway in rapid primary survey
512  cards
Preferred therapies for hbv,
Inh induced peripheral neuropathy
128  cards
Hearing impairment signs in children,
Inspiratory stridor worse when su...,
Surgical debridement in tx of mal...
400  cards
Abortion due to apls,
Normal post void urine volume,
Bph versus prostate cancer location
409  cards
The major inhibitory neurotransmi...,
Drugs potentiating gaba,
Receptor for 1st generation antip...
123  cards
Health promotion prevention category,
Health risk assessment method,
Percent of data between 1 sd
50  cards
Purpose of periodic health examin...,
Folic acid suppl in low risk women,
High risk women for ntd
405  cards
353  cards
Sudden switch from negative to po...,
Lh surge to ovulation,
Duration of luteal phase
417  cards
Increased hormones in elderly,
Decreased hormones in elderly,
Indicators of failure to thrive i...
76  cards

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