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Symptom to Diagnosis - Abdominal Pain
What is the 1st pivotal step in d...,
What can cause pain in the ruq,
What can cause pain in the epigas...
64  cards
Symptom to Diagnosis - GI Bleeding
How can we clinically assess the ...,
How do we calculate necessary rep...,
What do we do to be ready for fur...
58  cards
Davidson - Alimentary Tract And Pancreatic Disease
In clinical examination of the gi...,
In clinical examination of the gi...,
What do we generally observe befo...
64  cards
Davidson - Liver and Biliary Tract Disease
What do we look for in the hands ...,
What do we look for in the face d...,
What do we look for in the chest ...
435  cards
Davidson - Laboratory Reference Ranges
Venous blood potassium,
Venous blood chloride,
Venous blood urea
134  cards
Kaplan IM - Gastroenterology
What is the presentation of gerd,
Mention some major risk factors f...,
What is the best initial test for...
131  cards
FA - Classic Presentations
Achilles tendon xanthoma,
Adrenal hemorrhage hypotension dic,
Anterior drawer sign
113  cards
OHCEPS - The History
What is the presenting complaint pc,
What happens if the patient has s...,
What should be asked in order to ...
44  cards
OHCEPS - General Examination
From the moment you set eyes on t...,
Mention some examples about bed s...,
What are the vital signs
112  cards
OHCEPS - Skin, Hair, and Nails
What is also important to keep in...,
What is almost 90 of epithelial c...,
What is the time taken from formi...
95  cards
Symptom to Diagnosis - Edema
What are the features of generali...,
What are the general causes of ge...,
What are the specific cardiovascu...
88  cards
OHCEPS - The Endocrine System
Lethargy or fatigue may be a symp...,
Constipation is a common feature ...,
Diarrhea is a symptom of what
144  cards
OHCEPS - Ear, Nose, And Throat
To what is the auricle divided,
Describe the tympanic membrane,
Where does the middle ear lie
154  cards
OHCM - Emergencies
What does 1st and worst headache ...,
Thunderclap headache,
Unilateral headache and eye pain
75  cards
OHCEPS - Cardiovascular System
Mc and most important cv symptom,
History for chest pain,
True angina features
228  cards
OHCEPS - Respiratory System
Lower respiratory tract,
Trachea divides to left and right...,
Further divisions before reaching...
131  cards
OHCEPS - The Abdomen
Principal symptom of esophageal d...,
Dysphagia what to know,
Course of dysphagia
319  cards
OHCEPS - The Nervous System
Dizziness clarify what,
Numbness and weakness
436  cards
FA - Classic Labs/Findings
Antidesmoglein epitheliall antibo...,
Anti glomerular bm antibodies,
Antihistone antibodies
105  cards
FA - Classic/Relevant Treatments
Acute gout attack,
Acute promyelocytic leukemia m3,
91  cards
FA - Key Associations
Acute gastric ulcer associated wi...,
Acute gastric ulcer associated wi...,
Alternating areas of transmural i...
136  cards
OHCEPS - The Locomotor System
Fibrous joints,
Cartilagenous joints,
Synovial joints
226  cards
Harrison - Heart Failure and Cor Pulmonale
Hf number of people affected worl...,
Prevalence of hf in people over 65,
What must happen in a patient to ...
68  cards
The 6 chest leads examine the hea...,
P wave represents atrial depolari...,
Q wave
120  cards
Step Up - Diseases Of The Cardiovascular System
In a patient with cad goal of ldl is,
Ischemic pain what should be note...,
Two conditions termed syndrome x
122  cards
Step Up - Diseases Of The GIT
Virtually all colorectal tumors a...,
Bleeding and colorectal cancer wh...,
Screening for colorectal cancer fobt
309  cards
Step Up - Connective Tissue and Joint Diseases
Sle types,
Ana lupus associated findings,
Neonatal lupus clinical findings
268  cards
Step Up - Diseases of the Renal and Genitourinary System
Aki is also called,
Types of aki,
Aki is oliguric anuric or nonolig...
281  cards
Step Up - Hematologic Diseases and Neoplasms
Anemia definition,
When red cell mass decreases seve...,
As a general rule blood transfusi...
280  cards
Step Up - Infectious Diseases
Nosocomial pneumonia definition,
Classic cap presents with,
Atypical pneumonia presents with
404  cards
Step Up - Diseases Of The Pulmonary System
Emphysema definition,
4th leading cause of death in the us,
Role of tobacco in asthma
344  cards
Step Up - Ambulatory Medicine
Pathophysiology of the effects of...,
Htn target organ damage,
Most deaths due to htn are ultima...
63  cards
Deja - Internal - Pulmonology
What is a common underlying cause...,
What is a common underlying cause...,
When is low fio2 mostly a problem
82  cards
Deja - Internal - Infectious Diseases
How is aids defined,
How is an hiv infection diagnosed,
How is hiv ruled out
43  cards
Deja - Internal - Endocrinology
What is the histologic descriptio...,
What are the diagnostic criteria ...,
Lispro humalog peak and duration
96  cards
Deja - Internal - Nephrology
Arf signs and symptoms not 2o to ...,
Oliguria definition,
What tests would you initially or...
35  cards
Deja - Internal - Nephrology COPY
Arf signs and symptoms not 2o to ...,
Oliguria definition,
What tests would you initially or...
59  cards
Deja - Internal - Rheumatology
7 diagnostic criteria for ra,
How many criteria must be positiv...,
How long does each of the criteri...
51  cards
Deja - Internal - Neurology
What is rind,
2 greatest risk factors for a stroke,
2 mc etiologies for ischemia
76  cards
Deja - Internal - Gastroenterology
What are the causes of oropharyng...,
What are the signs and symptoms o...,
How is zenker diverticulum diagnosed
132  cards
Deja - Internal - Hematology
5 macrocytic anemias,
6 normocytic anemias,
Symptoms of iron def anemia
47  cards
Harrison - Diagnosis of Respiratory Disorders
Which main diseases of the lung m...,
The cardinal symptoms of respirat...,
Pain in the chest means what rega...
10  cards
Harrison - Hypersensitivity Pneumonitis and Pulmonary Infiltrates with Eosinophilia
What is hp,
In the us what are the 3 mc types...,
Farmer s lung cause
53  cards
Symptom to Diagnosis - Acid-Base Abnormalities
Step 2 in evaluation of acid base...,
Step 3 in evaluation of acid base...,
Step 4 in evaluation of acid base...
147  cards
Harrison - Cystic Fibrosis
Percentage of patients 18,
Percentage of patients over 30,
Median survival in cf
59  cards
Symptom To Diagnosis - Anemia
First step in determining the cau...,
After determining the general mec...,
The framework of underproduction ...
186  cards
MCD - Fever
Etiology of fever respiratory inf...,
Etiology of fever gi causes,
Etiology of fever skin soft tissue
69  cards
Symptom To Diagnosis - AIDS
Hiv common modes of transmission,
Current risk associated with bloo...,
The highest risk of sexual transm...
66  cards
Symptom To Diagnosis - Low Back Pain
Back pain due to disorders of the...,
Examples of non specific musculos...,
Specific musculoskeletal back pain
168  cards
Symptom To Diagnosis - Chest Pain
Anatomically organized ddx for ch...,
Chest pain skin pathology,
Chest pain breast
122  cards
Harrison - Megaloblastic Anemias
Causes of megaloblastic anemias,
Form of b12 in mt,
Form of b12 in plasma and cytoplasm
12  cards
Symptom To Diagnosis - Cough/Congestion
Although there are a myriad of vi...,
Ddx of acute cough and congestion,
Influenza occurs when
110  cards
Symptom To Diagnosis - Jaundice
Is conjugated bilirubin reabsorbe...,
Fate of conjugated bilirubin in t...,
Fate of urobilinogen that is prod...
95  cards
Symptom To Diagnosis - Acute Diarrhea
The ddx of acute diarrhea uses th...,
Non infectious diarrhea,
Infectious diarrhea gastroenteritis
76  cards
Symptom To Diagnosis - Joint Pain
Monoarticular arthritis main cate...,
Polyarticular arthritis categories,
Monoarticular arthritis inflammat...
4  cards
Symptom To Diagnosis - Hypertension
5 endocrine causes of htn,
2 renal causes of htn,
2 vascular causes of htn
71  cards
Symptom To Diagnosis - Hypercalcemia
Most cases of hypercalcemia are d...,
Etiology of hypercalcemia pth rel...,
Hypercalcemia of malignancy
28  cards
Symptom To Diagnosis - Hyponatremia/Hypernatremia
Hyponatremia is defined as serum ...,
1st step in evaluating the hypona...,
Diagnostic fingerprints for hypon...
92  cards
Symptom To Diagnosis - Dyspnea
Mccs of dyspnea,
3 tests that are mandatory in the...,
Diagnostic approach of dyspnea ca...
78  cards
Symptom To Diagnosis - Rash
12 morphologies of rash,
151  cards
Symptom To Diagnosis - Dizziness
Vertigo chief complaint,
Near syncope chief complaint,
Dysequilibrium chief complaint
154  cards
Symptom To Diagnosis - Headache
Headaches are classified into,
Primary headaches,
Secondary headaches
232  cards
Symptom To Diagnosis - Acute Renal Failure
Time frame of arf,
Is there a standard definition of...,
Prerenal causes of arf 3 general ...
82  cards
Symptom To Diagnosis - Syncope
Consciousness requires the following,
The evaluation of all syncopal pa...,
Neurocardiogenic vasovagal syncop...
119  cards
MGH PM - Gastroenterology I
Esophageal and gastric disorders ...,
Oropharyngeal dysphagia definition,
Esophageal dysphagia definition
98  cards
MGH PM - Gastroenterology II
Acute diarrhea means,
Acute diarrhea acute infectious e...,
Acute diarrhea acute infectious e...
101  cards
JH IM Board Review - Infectious Disease I
Which infections result in more a...,
In many cases resp infections,
Bacterial sinusitis basic info ac...
95  cards
MGH PM - Gastroenterology III
Nutrition in hospitalized patient...,
Nutrition in hospitalized patient...,
Nutrition in hospitalized patient...
38  cards
JH IM Board Review - Infectious Disease II
Influenza basic info 2 major subt...,
Influenza clinical presentation s...,
Influenza clinical presentation s...
76  cards
JH IM Board Review - Infectious Disease III
Urogenital ulcer disease 5 main u...,
Genital herpes clinical presentation,
Genital herpes dx
103  cards
JH IM Board Review - Infectious Disease IV
Pid encompasses,
Pid mc etiology,
Pid cp
111  cards
JH IM Board Review - Infectious Disease V
Leprosy basic info,
Leprosy cp,
Tuberculoid form
101  cards
JH IM Board Review - Infectious Disease VI
Meningitis definition,
Aseptic meningitis is defined as,
Some pathogens may cause chronic ...
112  cards
JH IM Board Review - Infectious Disease VII
Infective endocarditis ie types,
How is ie now classified,
Ie predisposing factors
41  cards
JH IM Board Review - Disorders of the Small and Large Intestine I
Diseases that affect the intestin...,
Diarrhea general principles defin...,
Diarrhea can be described by many...
114  cards
JH IM Board Review - Disorders of the Small and Large Intestine II
Mastocytosis as secretory diarrhe...,
Mastocytosis as secretory diarrhe...,
Mastocytosis as secretory diarrhe...
76  cards
JH IM Board Review - Acute and Chronic Liver Disease I
Evaluation of elevated liver test...,
Ast and alt values can guide us how,
Which tests are the liver functio...
108  cards
JH IM Board Review - Acute and Chronic Liver Disease II
Mc liver disorder causing elevate...,
Nafld prevalence,
Nafld epidemiology and race
114  cards
JH IM Board Review - Acute and Chronic Liver Disease III
Liver diseases of pregnancy 6,
Hyperemesis gravidarum symptoms s...,
Hyperemesis gravidarum labs
69  cards
JH IM Board Review - Complications of Liver Disease I
Definition hepatic fibrosis,
Definition cirrhosis,
Overview of cirrhosis pathophysio...
18  cards
Maxwell - Hx/PEx
Chief complaint,
History of presenting illness,
29  cards
JH IM Board Review - Acid-Base Disorders and Renal Tubular Acidosis I
The body never fully corrects for...,
Does a normal ph exclude an acid ...,
Calculation of the may be helpful...
18  cards
JH IM Board Review - SOS I
Insensible losses,
Increases in plasma osmolality as...,
How great hypovolemia causes adh ...
99  cards
JH IM Board Review - Plasma Cell Dyscrasias
7 categories of plasma cell dyscr...,
What else can lead to the product...,
Monoclonal igs are seen in approx...
71  cards
JH IM Board Review - Office Orthopedics I
Shoulder pain,
Shoulder pain in patients 40yr sy...,
Shoulder pain in older patients s...
98  cards
JH IM Board Review - Office Orthopedics II
Collateral ligament injury cause,
Collateral ligament injury cp,
Collateral ligament injury dx and...
65  cards
JH IM Board Review - Hypertension I
Hypertension is present in nearly,
Htn definition,
Classification of bp
123  cards
JH IM Board Review - Electrocardiogram Review I
5 fundamental features to assess ...,
Rate beats per minute,
For example a standard ecg printo...
50  cards
JH IM Board Review - Arrhythmias I
Arrhythmias are classified as,
Bradyarrhythmias can result from,
Tachyarrhythmias are typically cl...
107  cards
JH IM Board Review - Lipid Disorders I
Lipoproteins are,
The role of lipoproteins is to,
Lipoprotein particles are classif...
111  cards
JH IM Board Review - Coronary Artery Disease I
Insufficient coronary blood flow ...,
Rfs for cad strong,
Rfs for cad moderate
91  cards
JH IM Board Review - Coronary Artery Disease II
Acs includes 3,
All 3 syndromes occur when,
Definition of ua
81  cards
JH IM Board Review - Arrhythmias II
What is the qrs morphology of vt,
What is the origin of the majorit...,
What are the 4 types of vt
38  cards
JH IM Board Review - Heart Failure I
What is the prevalence of hf in t...,
What is the incidence of hf in th...,
What is the root of hf
78  cards
JH IM Board Review - Valvular Heart Disease I
What are the 3 main causes of as,
What is characteristic about cong...,
What is the age of onset for calc...
80  cards
JH IM Board Review - Pericardial Disease I
What is the normal amount of peri...,
What is the definition of acute p...,
What is the percentage of pts w n...
35  cards
Hematology - Atlas - Anemias
Erythroid cells showing central p...,
Unlike thal minor the red cell ch...,
Normal western diet provides appr...
26  cards
JH IM Board Review - SOS II
The 4 idiopathic interstitial pne...,
Is complete recovery possible for...,
2 new drugs for ipf
108  cards
JH IM Board Review - SOS III
Ckd classification kdigo 2012 is ...,
Etiology of ckd,
Calcific uremic arteriolopathy ca...
106  cards
JH IM Board Review - SOS IV
6 6 processes that mimic arthritis,
What is the gel phenomenon,
Assessment of wbc count of synovi...
119  cards
JH IM Board Review - SOS V
The ristocetin test is abnormal i...,
Which specific lab tests are impo...,
4 inherited platelet disorders
81  cards

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