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Basic Psychology
Definition of non associative lea...,
Types of non associative learning,
What is habituation
271  cards
Social Psychology
What are attitudes made of,
What is belief,
What is value
105  cards
Sociocultural Psychiatry
What is the social classification...,
Which psychiatric disorders are n...,
What is the jarman index
176  cards
Human Development
What are maturational tasks,
Social development at 4 6 weeks,
Maturational task at 6 8 weeks
298  cards
What is the cerebrum divided into,
What are sulci and gyri,
What are the primary major sulci
262  cards
Where is an action potential init...,
How is an action potential initiated,
What is the threshold potential
332  cards
What are the roles of the presyna...,
Where does synthesis of neurotran...,
What happens to the neurotransmit...
186  cards
Molecular Genetics
What are the phases of the cell c...,
What is the g1 phase,
What is the s phase
443  cards
Molecular Genetics 2
Function of g72,
How does g72 lead to schizophrenia,
What do antidepressants do to bdnf
81  cards
Gross changes in alzheimers,
Histological changes in alzheimers,
What is granulovascular degernation
174  cards
Applied Neuroscience
Name some frontal tests,
What is the similarities test,
What does the similarities test test
367  cards
Basic Pharmacology
Who coined the term psychopharmac...,
How did the term psychopharmacolo...,
First antipsychotic found
104  cards
Define pharmacokinetics,
Processes of pharmacokinetics,
What influences a drugs absorption
375  cards
Pharmacokinetics 2
Pharmacokinetics of risperidone,
What enzyme forms active metaboli...,
Protein binding of risperidone
87  cards
What is pharmacodynamics,
Which psychiatric drugs affect th...,
Which psychiatric drugs affect th...
250  cards
Adverse Drug Reactions
Define tolerance,
What can lead to tolerance of a drug,
What is down regulation
433  cards
What type of classification syste...,
What is an operationalised approa...,
Benefits of operationalised approach
415  cards
Clinical Examination
Concepts to approach threatening ...,
Purpose of normalizing questions,
Purpose of symptom expectation
341  cards
Descriptive Psychopathology
Which is the more pervasive emoti...,
What is valence,
What is emotional incontinence
437  cards
Dynamic Psychopathology
Who organised freudian defences,
Who classified defences into matu...,
Who created psychotic defences
179  cards
Rating Scales
Is becks depression inventory sel...,
Is ghq self rated,
Is the edinburgh postnatal depres...
192  cards

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