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Define tension pneumothorax,
Symptoms of pneumothorax,
Montelukast singular
65  cards
Lecture Week 1
Which insulin can not be mixed,
Vecuronium vico ronium,
What drug are most patients at a ...
37  cards
Cardio Pharm
What are the 4 categories of drug...,
What are the 4 categories of raas...,
Indications for ace inhibitors
205  cards
Fluid and electrolytes
Signs of fluid overload,
Transcellular fluid,
S s respiratory acidosis
70  cards
Acid base imbalances
What is full compensation,
What factors can cause co2 retention,
S s of respiratory acidosis
19  cards
Metoclopramide action and adverse...,
Side effects of antiemetics
3  cards
Lecture Week 2
How does an intraaortic ballon pu...,
What should you do to decrease ca...,
What are the two types of respira...
57  cards
IV therapy
Early sign of infiltrationother s...,
What is a sign of nerve irritation,
What is a sign of trauma to tiny ...
3  cards
Physical assessment
Auscultation of a mitral gallop,
Abdominal bruit on a skinny old p...,
When is jvd normal
7  cards
week 3 lecture
What is a syndrome,
What is acute coronary syndrome,
Normal lipid panels
72  cards
Pharmacology practice test B
Side effects of mannitol,
Mannitol uses,
What drug is used to treat exerci...
63  cards
Targeted endocrine
Diabetic foot care,
S s hypoglycemia,
S s hyperglycemia
26  cards
What is the main role of raas,
What is the first thing that happ...,
Afferent vs efferent
13  cards
Normal conduction pathway,
Where is the sa node and whats it do,
What does the av node specialize in
33  cards
targeted cardio
Priority during a hypertensive cr...,
Normal lipid panel,
After a cabg how much drainage is...
8  cards
Endocrine pharm
What are the 6 different types of...,
What are the 3 types of injectabl...,
What are the different types of i...
74  cards
stroke scale
What happens if a patient answers...,
Loc scale 1a,
What two questions is loc based on
29  cards
week 4
What does pth do,
Where is calcitonin released from...,
What are t3 and t4
46  cards
mental health drugs
Carbamazepine interventions,
Carbamazepine contraindications,
Lamotrigine interventions
15  cards
Targeted GI
1crohns expected findings,
What is the blood test carcinoemb...,
How is colon cancer staged
19  cards
GI meds
Drugs for peptic ulcer disease,
Where can you find peptic ulcers ...,
Prototype histamine 2 receptor an...
77  cards
Neuro Targeted
What is a comminuted fracture,
What is a greenstick fracture,
Alendronate teaching
11  cards
Week 5
How do you palpate the liver,
Acute hepatitis,
How can you tell someone is immun...
43  cards
What is the major cause of cardia...,
How old is a child,
What is the compression to breath...
45  cards
Neuro drugs
Valproic acid uses,
Valproic acid prototype,
Valproic acid action
86  cards
patho of jaundice
How is billirubin produced,
What is normal billirubin,
What billirubin level is jaundice...
6  cards
ATI proctored
What is zenkers diverticulum,
Which physical assessment sign is...,
What are the two signs for hypoca...
50  cards
week 6
Scalp laceration complications,
Skull fracture s s,
How do you test drainage for csf
66  cards
targeted immune
Hiv characteristics,
Rheumatoid arthritis teaching,
Group teaching for people on a hi...
14  cards
ATI targeted renal
Continent internal ileal reservoi...,
Foods high in potassium,
Peritoneal dialysis teaching
6  cards
GU drugs
Pms symptoms
40  cards
infection drugs
What are the types of antibacterials,
Penicillin uses,
Prototype penicillins
135  cards
Pharm 2013 practice A
What is the worst adverse effect ...,
Potassium up or down for prils,
Antidote for magnesium toxicity
16  cards
med surg proctored practice
Manifestations of sle,
Complication of plasmapheresis,
Adverse effects of hormonal therapy
37  cards
week 7
Bp management during a stroke,
Who is most commonly effected by ...,
Priorities for a chemical burn
47  cards

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