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Medical Confidentiality
What is the definition of confide...,
What is the definition of confide...,
Who is known as the father of mod...
20  cards
Medical Negligence 1 and 2
Gmc guidance includes advice abou...,
Summarise the gmc guidance to doc...,
What is the relevance of understa...
28  cards
Debate on Physician Assisted Suicide
What is euthansia,
What is assisted suicide,
Are advanced directives the same ...
15  cards
Principles of Medical Ethics and Law
Why might doctors be considered t...,
Where do doctors rank in a list o...,
What are ethics
18  cards
End of Life Ethics
How is the way we are dying changing,
How does the concept of a good de...,
What makes a good death and what ...
28  cards
Genetic Controversies
What do clinical geneticists do,
What are some ethical terms,
What is an ethical dilemma
11  cards
Beginning of Life
What are some key ethical questio...,
What are some who should be paren...,
What act protects the welfare of ...
25  cards
Dealing With Complaints
What is a complaint,
Legally what do complaints require,
Who are examples of people who co...
20  cards
Mental Health Legislation
What are the main laws of mental ...,
Why would involuntary treatment o...,
How is involuntary treatment allowed
58  cards
Legal Aspects of Consent
Consent to treatment means what,
What are different kinds of consent,
What kind of consent is needed fo...
34  cards
Sexual Crimes, Medical Examination and Evidence in Sexual Crimes
What is the common law definition...,
Common law covers what sexual acts,
What was a massive issue with onl...
11  cards
Sexual Health
What are the 4 principles of ethics,
What is the gmc confidentiality g...,
A dentist has contracted hiv from...
4  cards
What is the legal criteria to get...,
What are the ethical issues aroun...,
Scenario 15 year old wants an abo...
10  cards
Healthcare Research Sponsorship Research Ethics and NHS Approval for Clinical Research
Why is healthcare research done,
What is the primary aim of health...,
Why is a research governance fram...
26  cards
Good Medical Practice
Knowledge skills and performance ...,
Safety and equality domain 2,
Communication partnership and tea...
34  cards
Raising And Acting On Concerns
When is it your duty to raise a c...,
What if you are hesitant about ra...
2  cards
Social Media
Privacy what to do about it why 4,
What if a patient contacts you ab...,
What is the golden rule
4  cards
From past papers
If need to prescribe antibiotics ...,
What to remember in breaking bad ...,
Is monitoring the situation often...
56  cards
Medical Confidentiality COPY
What is confidentiality,
What is the the hippocratic oath,
The hippocratic oath
18  cards
Medical Negligence Part 1 and 2
What is the general medical council,
Who is the gmc regulated by,
What is the role og the gmc
37  cards
Debate: Physician Assisted Suicide
What are the proffesional and eth...,
Whata re the legal responsibiliti...,
What is the definition of euthanasia
14  cards
Principles of Medical Ethics and Law COPY
What does medical law and ethics ...,
Are doctors trusted,
What do you know about profession...
27  cards
End of Life
What are the outcomes for graduates,
Are mortality rates changing,
What we are dying from has change...
34  cards
Genetic Controversies COPY
What is the role of clinical gene...,
What are different ethical terms,
What is an ethical dilemma
13  cards
Beginning of Life COPY
What are some key questioons that...,
What is important information to ...,
What should be htought about in r...
27  cards
Not Them Again - Dealing with Complaints
What is a complaint,
Who complains,
What do people complain about
35  cards
Mental Health Legislation COPY
Involuntary may need to be given ...,
What is the legal hurdle that is ...,
What are the general criticisms o...
46  cards
Legal Aspects of Consent in Medical Practice
What is consent,
What are the different expression...,
Any consent obtained should be i_...
27  cards
Sexual Crimes, Medical Examination and Evidence in Sexual Crime
What does common law define rape as,
What is sodomy,
The crime of rape was unique in t...
30  cards
Sexual Health COPY
Case 1,
______ is relevant for many parts...,
What are the 4 principles
33  cards
Abortion COPY
Over 80 of abortions in scotland are,
Over 70 of abortions happen when,
In soctland is late abortion offered
34  cards
Healthcare Research: Sponsorship, Research Ethics and NHS Approval for Clinical Research
Supporting patients and researche...,
Health care research encovers a w...,
Important things of health care r...
25  cards
What is the bolam test,
What is the bolitho test,
What is a lasting poa
19  cards
Meningitits - Learning Package
What is meningism,
What is meningitis,
Describe the pathophysiology of m...
54  cards
Hepatitis - Learning Package
What are some other infections as...,
What are some non viral infection...,
For leptosporosis reservoirs how ...
13  cards
What can hiv be spread by,
What is the most common cause for...,
Can you test unconscious patients...
38  cards
Pyrexia of Unknown Origin
What is a fever,
What is the variation of normal b...,
Fever is a normal part of what
25  cards
Staph Aureus Bacteraemia
Where does staph aureus rank by l...,
Through what mechanisms can staph...,
Is staph aureus part of the norma...
14  cards
Infectious Diarrhoea
What is the difference between di...,
What are the 7 types of stool on ...,
What are some causes of gastro en...
70  cards
What does hai stand for,
What is a healthcare associated i...,
What are the most common infectio...
38  cards
Sepsis and Septic Shock
What is sepsis,
What is septic shock,
How is organ dysfunction identifi...
38  cards
In what months does seasonal infl...,
Why do epidemics of influenza occ...,
What kind of virus is influenza
43  cards
What is zoonoses,
Are diseases that are transmitted...,
What is antroponosis
35  cards
Fungal Infections
What are the main fungal pathogens,
What are fungal pathogens in nature,
What are some specific fungal dis...
44  cards
Immunisation and Prophylaxis
What is immunisation,
What is prophylaxis,
Who is immunisation given to
37  cards
Travel Related Infections
What is vulnerability of traveler...,
What are some common infections w...,
What are some climate or environm...
47  cards
Skin and Soft Tissue Infections
What is impetigo,
Describe the character of impetig...,
What is impetigo most and least c...
95  cards
UTI - Learning Package
What is cystitis,
What is bacteruria,
What is pyuria
36  cards
Antimicrobial Chemotherapy 1
What are antibiotics only active ...,
What are bactericidal,
What does sensitive mean
64  cards
Antimicrobial Chemotherapy 3
What has no action against fungi,
What are the classes of anti fung...,
How do polyenes act
24  cards
Infectious Diseases
Which classes of antibiotic have ...,
Stepwise approach to picking abx ...,
Pathophysiology of sepsis
20  cards
Antimicrobial Chemotherapy 2 COPY
What are some commonly used b lac...,
What does benzyl penicillin act a...,
What does amoxicillin and ampicil...
69  cards

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