medicine, year 1 block 3 (you are what you eat)

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Chewing, Swallowing and Churning
The gut can be embryonically divi...,
Which artery supplies oxygenated ...,
Which artery supplies oxygenated ...
53  cards
Bile and Plasma Lipids
What is a phospholipid,
What is glycolysis,
What is gluconeogenesis
39  cards
Drugs and the Gut
Define antagonist,
Define agonist,
Define irreversible binding
34  cards
Introduction to Consent
What are the four ways in which c...,
What are the four circumstances w...,
For consent to be valid what thre...
11  cards
The Role of Self Medication
What is self medication,
What is self care,
Give 4 examples of self care acti...
5  cards
What the Liver does
What is ischaemia,
What minerals ions does the liver...,
What nutrients does the liver met...
30  cards
Gastrointestinal Examination
Where is the transpyloric plane l...,
State four things the transpylori...,
If the liver becomes pathological...
4  cards
What are the Chances of it Happening?
Assuming data follows a normal di...,
Assuming data follows a normal di...,
What are the names given to non n...
9  cards
The Liver, Biliary System and Pancreas
Why are the liver gallbladder and...,
Embryonically where is the spleen...,
Why is the liver considered an ac...
43  cards
Digestion and Absorption of Fats
Give four examples of fat soluble...,
Describe the structure of a trigl...,
Give 3 examples of other lipids a...
21  cards
Understanding the Patient's Story
State the two systems of health k...,
What is the advantage and disadva...,
Describe the symptom iceberg phen...
10  cards
Anatomy of Digestion and Defacation
Which three muscles comprise the ...,
Where does the external oblique b...,
The external oblique when it inse...
28  cards
Digestion and Absorption of Carbohydrates and Proteins
What is the name for the two enzy...,
For secretion of saliva which cel...,
For secretion of saliva which cel...
36  cards
Decisions and Evidence
Define the term diagnosis,
Define the term prognosis,
What is the hypothetico deductive...
6  cards

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medicine, year 1 block 3 (you are what you eat)

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