medicine year 1 - semester 2 - part 2

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Bones and Joints of the Lower Limb
State the bones of the pelvic girdle,
State the bones of the lower limbs,
State the bones of the foot
123  cards
Lower Limb: Blood supply and Lymphatics
Where does the lower limb receive...,
Describe the blood supply to the ...,
What does the external iliac arte...
95  cards
Lower Limb: Nerves
State the nerve supply to the low...,
What does the lumbosacral plexus ...,
State the nerves of the lumbosacr...
61  cards
Lower Limb: Gluteal Region and Thigh
State the gateways to the pelvic ...,
Greater sciatic foramen,
Lesser sciatic foramen
91  cards
Impact of Life events of patient well-being
What are life events,
Why and how are life events signi...,
What are life events linked to
60  cards
Cell Death
What is necrosis,
What is apoptosis,
State some features of necrosis
58  cards
Cell Division
State some essential features of ...,
How long does it take to replicat...,
How long does it take to segregat...
64  cards
Meiosis results in cells which are,
In meiosis how many rounds of dna...,
Describe the chromosomes in meios...
44  cards
Anaemia - Presentation, Diagnosis and Management
What is anaemia,
State the range of haemoglobin in...,
State the range of haemoglobin in...
74  cards
Blood Groups and Blood Transfusion
What are red cell antigens,
Describe an antibody antigen reac...,
Describe the structure of an anti...
46  cards
Tumour Pathology
What is a tumour,
What does autonomous mean
82  cards
T and B cells : MHC
Where are t cells derived from,
Where do t cells mature,
Describe the fates of t cells in ...
45  cards
B & T Cells and Cytokines
How do cells of the immune system...,
Function of secretion of soluble ...,
Function of cytokines
60  cards
What is screening,
What happens following screening,
Key fact about screening
52  cards
What is stress,
What is stress,
Feelings associated with stress
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State the main actions of nsaids,
Primary action of nsaids,
Describe the mechanism of action ...
47  cards
Pharmacokinetics 1
State the 4 main processes of pha...,
Advantages of plasma used in tran...
60  cards
Pharmacokinetics 2
Describe drug metabolism,
What does phase 1 metabolism tend...
48  cards
Epigenetics and Abnormal Gene Expression
Describe the central dogma of inf...,
How can chromosomes be distinguished,
What is higher dna structure in t...
47  cards
Mendelian Inheritance of Disease
44  cards
What is the popliteal fossa,
State the boundaries of the popli...,
State the roof of the popliteal f...
72  cards
What is the foot,
Describe the divisions of the foot,
Feature of the foot
60  cards
Disorders of Growth & Differentiation
State the different types of growth,
Multiplicative growth,
Auxetic growth
59  cards
Chromosomes and Chromosomal Abnormalities
Explain basic chromosomal organis...,
How is a chromosome recognised,
Afrocentric chromosomes
38  cards
Genetic Basis of Multifactorial Disease
What factors are involves in dete...,
Cystic fibrosis,
Heart disease
54  cards
What is coping,
What is coping linked to,
Significance of coping
55  cards
State the major categories of car...,
State the mechanism of chemical c...,
Describe the mechanism of chemica...
60  cards
Overview of Cancer Chemotherapy
What is cancer,
Characteristics of cancer cells,
State the 2 main causes of cancer
71  cards
Molecular Pathology of Tumours
What is a property unique to a ma...,
State some properties of malignan...,
Describe the multi step process o...
59  cards
Molecular Patterning During Development
State the principles governing ce...,
Describe what the embryo contains,
Cell differentiation
104  cards
Infections of Bones and Joints
What is septic arthritis,
Who is affected by septic arthritis,
What can delayed treatment of sep...
66  cards
Bone Growth and Fractures
Where does bone growth start,
Blood supply to bones,
Issue with bone fracture and dama...
79  cards
Public Health Forum
What is health,
Systems that contribute to indivi...,
Upstream determinants of health l...
37  cards
Health and Homelessness
Maslow s hierarchy of needs,
State the main determinants of he...,
Key determinant of health
47  cards
Epidemiology - Key Concepts
What is epidemiology,
State some denominators,
What must the denominator corresp...
60  cards
Alcohol as a Public Health Problem
State some long term health risks...,
State some cancers associated wit...,
State some long term social impli...
36  cards
Describe the positions of joints ...,
Muscles involved in standing,
What ligament around the hip is m...
53  cards
What defines a disability,
51  cards
Skin and Soft Tissue Infections
0  cards
Clinical Anatomy of the Lower Limb
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Increasing Physical Activity
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Bloodborne Pathogens
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