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Gastroenterology: Coeliac Disease
Describe the blood results for a ...,
Why can patients have false negat...,
What is the seroligcal test of ch...
21  cards
Gastroenterology: Diarrhoea
How many stool per day is classif...,
What does fit test screen for 1,
State 7 red flags for cancer w di...
38  cards
Gastroenterology: Crohn's Disease
Where is the most common place to...,
Name a gene that increases likely...,
Why is cd pain increased in if su...
57  cards
Gastroenterology: Ulcerative Colitis
Define uc 1,
Describe the difference in effect...,
Explain the pathophysiology of uc
48  cards
Gastroenterology; Upper GI; Dyspepsia & GORD
What is the most common cause of ...,
State 7 red flag symptoms when as...,
Define dyspepsia 3
52  cards
Gastroenterology; Upper GI; GI Bleeding
Which anatomical point distinguis...,
How do you distinguish clinically...,
State the causes of upper gi blee...
63  cards
Gastroenterology; Upper GI; Peptic Ulcer Disease
Define peptic ulcer disease 1,
Pud is highly correllated to whic...,
Describe the clinical features of...
24  cards
Gastroenterology: Lower Bowel Ischaemia
Ischaemia to the lower gastrointe...,
Describe the arterial supply to t...,
Acute mesenteric ischaemia usuall...
18  cards
Gastroenterology: Misc
1coeliac disease increases the ri...,
How does pancreatic cancer lead t...
2  cards
Name the brief risk assessment fo...,
How do you perform a full nutriti...,
What are vegans at risk of being ...
15  cards
Diabetes: Aetiology, Diagnosis and Presentation
Describe the difference between t...,
State 6 classical symptoms of dia...,
Name 4 complications associated w...
19  cards
Diabetes: Management
How often does a diabetic review ...,
Bp treatment 1 what bp for a diab...,
What drug dose and administration...
55  cards
Diabetes: Diabetic complications
Describe why diabetic complicatio...,
Which is the strongest risk facto...,
Describe the pathophysiology of d...
52  cards
Diabetes: Diabetic emergencies
Diabetic patients typically start...,
Describe what is meant by false h...,
Name 4 non medical causes of hypo...
40  cards
Endocrinology: Adrenal Disease
State the effects of cortisol on ...,
Which bone disease can cushing s ...,
State the effect of cortisol on p...
41  cards
Endocrinology:Endocrine Hypertension and Calcium Disorders
State the 4 grades of hypertensiv...,
Name a cardiac cause of secondary...,
Name three renal causes of second...
58  cards
Endocrinology: Pituitary Disease
Anterior pituitary recieves blood...,
The posterior pituitary recieves ...,
Cushing s disease arises from a e...
41  cards
Endocrinology: Thyroid Disease
Which symptom would differentiate...,
Thyrotoxicosis symptoms general 3...,
Name and explain drugs may you su...
58  cards
Placement & PassMed Learning Points
What are the sick day rules for a...,
A patient suffers from dka and ha...,
A patient has a water deprivation...
661  cards
This nuclear scintigraphy depicts...
1  cards
Renal: Acute Kidney Injury
Define the term acute kidney inju...,
Which populations are at risk of ...,
What are the three ways to think ...
46  cards
Renal: GN
Define what the triad of nephroti...,
Define glomerulonephritis 1,
Which are the diseases that cause...
70  cards
Renal: CKD
Define ckd 1,
What are the two ways of classify...,
What are the classifications of c...
43  cards
Renal: Dialysis
Name the two most common loop diu...,
At high doses explain what ae loo...,
Describe which pathology chronic ...
42  cards
Renal: Transplants
Describe the two immunological co...,
The risk of which cancers is he m...,
Which type of gn is associated wi...
32  cards
Renal: UTIs
What is the difference in organs ...,
What is abacterial cystitis ureth...,
What is the difference between co...
16  cards
Renal: Inherited Diseases (Polycystic KD)
0  cards
Hepatology: Acute Liver Failure
Define acute liver failure 1,
State causes of acute liver failu...,
Describe the clinical features of...
15  cards
Hepatology: Chronic Liver Failure
Describe the disease trajectory o...,
Describe the pathophysiology of c...,
Chronic liver disease can arise d...
78  cards
Hepatology: Cirrhosis
Which cells cause collagen format...,
Describe how acute liver damage p...,
State two haemodynamic conseqeunc...
41  cards
Hepatology: Prescribing
Alcohol withdrawal sydrome server...,
If a patient is scoring on a ciwa...,
State the first and second line b...
23  cards
Hepatology: LFTs
The following lft results indicat...,
The following lft results would m...,
When alt ast what are two most li...
24  cards
Hepatology: Autoimmune Hepatitis Primary Biliary Cholangitis (PBC) Primary Sclerosing Cholangitis (PSC)
Primary sclerosing cholangitis is...,
Primary sclerosing cholangitis ca...,
Which type of cancer develops in ...
23  cards
Urology: Stones
What is the cause of a mg nh4 p s...,
What is the cause of a urate stone 1,
What causes a cystine stone 1
72  cards
Urology: BPH
Define bph 1,
Which patient populations apart f...,
State the male luts from bph that...
42  cards
Urology: Other
What is liquefaction time 1 how l...,
Why may an increased liquify time...,
Name and explain which organ is r...
7  cards
Urology: Prostate Cancer
Adenocarcinoma of the prostate mo...,
Signs and symptoms of early stage...,
What investigations should you co...
34  cards
Urology: Renal cancer
What is the most common type of r...,
What are the 3 most common types ...,
Clear cell renal cell cancer is c...
19  cards
Urology: Bladder Cancer
What is the most common type of b...,
Clinical features of bladder canc...,
Risk factors for bladder cancer 5
18  cards
Urology: Testicular cancer
State 4 risk factors for testicul...,
Describe the difference classes o...,
Describe the difference in common...
35  cards
Urology::Urinary Incontinence
What is the difference between ur...,
How do you manage urge incontinen...,
How do you treat stress incontine...
7  cards
Define pyelonephritis 1,
Why are utis more common in women...,
What is the difference between co...
64  cards
Surgery: Peripheral Vascular Disease, Varicose Veins, Aortic Aneurysm, Dissection of Aorta
Define critical limb ischaemia 3,
Define acute limb ischaemia 1,
Define intermittent claudification 1
61  cards
Colorectal surgery: Acute abdomen
Define what is meant by acute abd...,
Name 3 pathologies that might cau...,
Name 3 pathologies that might cau...
27  cards
Colorectal surgery: Small Bowel Obstruction
Describe a way of classifying bow...,
Where does most of bowel obstruct...,
What is the imaging that is the i...
24  cards
Colorectal surgery: Anal fissures; Diverticulitis
Define what is meant by anal fiss...,
What makes an anal fissure acute ...,
What are risk factors for anal fi...
20  cards
Colorectal surgery: Colorectal cancer
A 60 year old man attends the sur...,
A 45 year old man presents to his...,
How can you tell if a stoma if a ...
6  cards
Colorectal surgery: Hernias
Define the term hernia 1,
Define the following terms strang...,
Where are the following types of ...
32  cards
Colorectal surgery: Stomas
What type of stoma is this 1,
What type of stoma is this 1,
What type of stoma is this 1
23  cards
Colorectal surgery: Colorectal cancer.
Which is the most common form of ...,
Which location is the most common...,
Name a therapeutic drug that is p...
26  cards
What pathology most likely causes...,
Patient with severe abdominal pai...,
Patient with severe abdominal pai...
44  cards
Dysphagia (Buzzwords)
Pain when swallowing history of h...,
Dysphagia there may be a history ...,
Dysphagia of both liquids and sol...
11  cards

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