metabolic biochemistry

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Intro to MBC & Bioenergetics
Metabolism deifinitions,
Free energy,
Cellular metabolism
35  cards
Enzyme Kinetics
Enzyme specificty,
Rate reaction,
Rate reaction basic quantity display
14  cards
Enzyme Regulation
Reversible an dirreversibel inhib...,
Reversible inhibitors and types
13  cards
Metabolism and gluconeogenisis,
Bypass 1 in gluconeogenisis
15  cards
Pathway of glycolysis,
Carbohydrates glycolysis,
Cellular respiration glycolysis0
12  cards
Pyruvate Dehydrogenase
Pathway of pyruvate dehydrogenase...,
Processes and location in mitocho...,
Pyruvate and how it travels
15  cards
Cac overview,
8 steps of cac and enzymes involved,
1 cac
15  cards
Oxidative Phosphorylation
Biological redox reaction op,
Redox reaction op,
Reaction coupling op
14  cards
Electron Transport Chain
Etc complex 1a natureb travelc rx...,
Complexes of etc,
Shape of etc complex 1
17  cards
Glycogen Metabolism
Glycogen structure,
Where glycogen stored,
Glycogen metabolism type
18  cards
FA Metabolism
Essential fa features,
Biological role of lipids,
Nomenclature of fa
32  cards
LIpid Introduction
Biological roles of lipids,
Classifcation of lipids based on ...
16  cards
Amino Acid Metabolism
Structural components of aa,
Name the 5 hydrophilic aa and 6 h...,
Aa a name hydrophilicand hydropho...
37  cards
Nucleotide Metabolism
The compound that consists of rib...,
A major component of rna but not ...,
The difference between a ribonucl...
17  cards
Which of the following statements...,
The liver is important in mainten...,
Which of the following is not inv...
22  cards
Enzyme Kinetics
0  cards
Quiz Amino Acids, Peptides, Proteins
The chirality of an amino acid re...,
Of the 20 standard amino acids on...,
Two amino acids of the standard 2...
16  cards
Short Answers
What are the structural character...,
Briefly describe the five major g...,
Why do amino acids when dissolved...
11  cards
Quiz Enzymes
Which one of the following is not...,
One of the enzymes involved in gl...,
Enzymes are potent catalysts beca...
32  cards
SA enzymes
Why is the lineweaver burk double...,
11  cards
MCQ: Glycolysis, Gluconeogenesis, Pentose Phosphate Pathways
Glycolysis is the name given to a...,
During strenuous exercise the nad...,
The conversion of 1 mol of fructo...
29  cards
SA Glycolysis
Define fermentation and explain b...,
Briefly describe the possible met...,
Show how nadh is recycled to nad ...
14  cards
SA Gluconeogenesis
What is gluconeogenesis and what ...,
In gluconeogenesis how do animals...,
What are the biological functions...
3  cards
MCQ Principles of Metabolic Regulation
Glycogen is converted to monosacc...,
The glycogen branching enzyme cat...,
Glycogenin a catalyzestheconversi...
19  cards
S/A Metabolic Regulation
Describe the process of glycogen ...,
Glycogen synthesis and glycogen b...,
In mammalian liver glucose 1 phos...
13  cards
Which of the following is not tru...,
Which of the below is not require...,
Which combination of cofactors is...
21  cards
The citric acid cycle begins with...,
Briefly describe the relationship...,
Describe the enzymes cofactors in...
20  cards
MCQ Fatty acid Catabolism
Lipoprotein lipase acts in a hydr...,
Free fatty acids in the bloodstre...,
The role of hormone sensitive tri...
22  cards
S/F Fats
Why is it more efficient to store...,
In the first step of fatty acid o...,
The oxidation of acetyl coa added...
9  cards
MCQ Amino Acid Oxidation & Production Urea
Which of these is not a protease ...,
Which of the following is a zymog...,
In amino acid catabolism the firs...
21  cards
S/A AA Oxidation/ Degradation
Describe the roles of glutamine s...,
Describe the reactions and the ro...,
Why does a mammal go to all of th...
8  cards
MCQ Oxidative Phosphorylation and Photophosphorylation
Almost all of the oxygen o2 one c...,
Cyanide oligomycin and 2 4 dinitr...,
In the reoxidation of qh2 by puri...
16  cards
S/A Oxidative Phosphorylation
As you read and answer this quest...,
Show the path of electrons from u...,
Diagram the path of electron flow...
13  cards
MCQ Lipid Synthesis
Which of the following is not req...,
Which of the following is not tru...,
A a thioester derivative of croto...
14  cards
S/A Lipid Synthesis
Fatty acid synthesis and fatty ac...,
Describe the mechanism for moving...,
Why we require fats in our diets
4  cards
MCQ Biosynthesis AA, Nucleotides
Which of the following statements...,
Which of the following enzymes is...,
The enzymatic machinery to fix at...
27  cards
S/A AA, Nucleotide synthesis
Give the overall reaction that re...,
Give the equations for the two st...,
Why is it necessary to have prote...
5  cards
MCQ Hormonal Regulation
One distinction between peptide a...,
Insulin is an example of a n ____...,
The maturation of insulin from it...
18  cards
S/A Hormones
Name three general classes of hor...,
1 peptide eg insulin glucagon 2 c...,
What distinguishes eicosanoids fr...
10  cards
MCQ Nucleotides & NA
The compound that consists of rib...,
A major component of rna but not ...,
The difference between a ribonucl...
19  cards
S/A Nucleotides & NA
How are a nucleoside and a nucleo...,
Compounds that contain a nitrogen...,
Describe briefly what is meant by...
4  cards

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