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Energy & BMI shit
Diff btw exergonic and endergonic...,
What type of energy is needed to ...,
What is the bmr
56  cards
Carbohydrates & glycolysis
Describe stage 1 of carb metabolism,
Why cant we digest cellulose why ...,
What is lactose intolernce symptoms
63  cards
Krebs Cycle & ETC
What is the krebs cycle,
How many atp does the kreb cycle ...,
What activates the kreb cycle to ...
63  cards
Lipid Metabolism
Describe the various classes of l...,
What r the fat soluble vitamins,
What r ketone bodies
43  cards
Which enzyme is deficient in clas...,
What is the front line of defence...,
List 3 agents in which cell prote...
67  cards
Glycogen & Fat
What regulates gluconegensis,
Insulin glucagon ratio plays an i...,
Relate diabetes and its effects o...
66  cards
What is cytopenia,
Functions of spleen,
Why is the spleens capsule very p...
56  cards
Define homeostasis,
Which time of the day does cortis...,
Where is our biologival clock loc...
14  cards
Thyroid Gland
Describe location and structure o...,
Outline the overall structure of ...,
Describe how the activity of the ...
79  cards
Adrenal Glands
Anatomy of adrenal glands,
Embryonic development of the adre...
83  cards
protein metabolism
What is meant when it is said tha...,
What is meant by the term turnove...,
What is the average half life of ...
37  cards
A 45 year old woman with addison ...,
What is wrong with cushings syndrome,
Accumulation of which substance w...
17  cards
Lipid transport
Describe how lipids are transport...,
What r some various classes of li...,
Above______mmol l of cholesterol ...
50  cards
blood & Iron
Why does the spleen carry a reser...,
How do u treat iron deficiency,
What is hepcidin what secretes it
96  cards
Anemia, B12, folic acid
What is microcytic anaemia,
Which would be the most appropria...,
What would the presence of howell...
67  cards
Thyroid gland disorders + Pics
Anatomical location of thyroid gland,
Describe what u see,
Describe this condition and its c...
40  cards
extra stuff
How do u calcualte bmr,
Which type of reaction is this,
Describe how paracetamol works
5  cards
Pituitary and Hormones
What 2 systems to the hypothalamu...,
Decribe the location of the pitut...,
Describe formation of each gland
67  cards
Vitamen essentials
0  cards
Pancreas & insulin
Aantomy of pancreas how it develoops,
Describe the contents of the panc...
34  cards
Diabetes Mellitus
Diabetes mellitus,
Type 1 diabetes,
What r the major symptoms of diab...
58  cards
Anatomy of parathyroid gland,
Cells of the parathyroid gland,
What is calcium
71  cards
Diabetes (more questions)
Type 2 diabetes when do u add a s...,
Treatment of diabetic neuropathyw...,
What is gastrointestinal autonomi...
3  cards

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