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Chapter 1 - The Atmosphere
What is the composition of the ga...,
What is the ranging amount of wat...,
What is the average amount of wat...
16  cards
Chapter 2 - Temperature And Heating
What is specific heat capacity,
What is the specific heat capacit...,
What is the specific heat capacit...
23  cards
Chapter 3 - Atmospheric Pressure
What are the main features of a m...,
What does aneroid mean,
What are isobars
11  cards
Chapter 6 - Altimetry
What is regional qnh or regional ...,
If a plane is travelling from hig...,
What is meant by transition altitude
14  cards
Chapter 7 - Humidity
What does a hygrometer do,
What is a psychrometer,
How does a psychrometer measure h...
15  cards
Chapter 10 - Low level winds
What is a katabatic wind,
What are anabatic winds,
Which are stronger out of anabati...
44  cards
Chapter 9 - Turbulence And Windshear
What characteristics would an inv...,
What are the threats of a marked ...,
How would you know about a marked...
30  cards
Chapter 18 - Fronts And Frontal Depressions
How is a frontal inversion formed
1  cards
Chapter 5 - Pressure Systems
How does a subsidence inversion form,
What is meant by a depression,
What is mean by an anticyclone
21  cards
Chapter 14 - Thunderstorms
1  cards
Chapter 8 - Adiabatic Processes And Stability
What is an adiabatic process,
What is the environmental lapse r...,
What is the dry air lapse rate dalr
19  cards
Chapter 13 - Cloud Formation and Precipitation
How much of the earth on average ...,
How much precipitation is occurri...,
What is a cloud
11  cards
Chapter 12 - Cloud Classification
Define a cloud base,
Define cloud ceiling,
Define cloud top
23  cards
Chapter 17 - Air Masses
What 3 questions should you ask w...,
Where do most air masses originat...,
What temperature latitude categor...
12  cards
Chapter 14 - Thunderstorms
What kind of cloud give rise to t...,
What is needed for a thunderstorm...,
What risks to flying do thunderst...
23  cards
Chapter 11 - Upper Winds and the Jet Steam
What is the minimum speedfor a je...,
What is the maximum speed of a je...,
What is the typical speed range f...
20  cards
Chapter 18 - Fronts and Frontal Depressions
Where would you find freezing rai...,
What is the location of the nh po...,
What are frontal waves
19  cards
Chapter 15 - Icing
If an aircraft with anti icing ca...,
If an aircraft with no anti icing...,
Where does freezing rain occur in...
23  cards
Chapter 16 - Visibility
What is meteorological visibility...,
What is runway visual range and w...,
Where is rvr measured
18  cards
Chapter 19 - Non-Frontal Depressions
Where do cold core lows occur and...,
Where do warm core lows occur and...,
Where do warm core highs occur wh...
18  cards
Chapter 20 - Climatology
What effect does the monsoon of s...,
What defines a monsoon,
Where do monsoons occur
20  cards
Chapter 21 - Remote Sensing
What are the 2 types of satellite,
What are the features of a geosta...,
What are the features of a polar ...
8  cards
Chapter 22 - Reporting and Forecasting
What information does a sigmet pr...,
What information does an airmet p...,
What are the characteristics of a...
33  cards
BGS - Post Its
What is a blocking ainticyclone a...,
What do isobars on a surface pres...,
When and where is the easterly je...
59  cards

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