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Lowest layer of atmosphere is,
Height of tropopause at equator is,
Height of tropopause at poles is
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Atmospheric Pressure
Winds in a low pressure,
Q2 low pressure is associated wit...,
Q3 in a high pressure area winds are
40  cards
Diurmal variation of temperature ...,
Diurmal variation of temperature ...,
On a clear day the amount of sola...
39  cards
Air Density
Density is at poles than equator,
Above 8 km density is at poles th...,
The altitude in isa at which air ...
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The ratio in between the amount o...,
Free air temperature wet bulb tem...,
On a rainy day compared to sunny ...
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In s hemisphere if an observer fa...,
In n hemisphere due to rotation o...,
Local winds follow buys ballots law
46  cards
Visibility and Fog
Fog is reported when visibility i...,
Rvr is reported when visibility f...,
A 500 m b 1000 m c 1500 m d 2000 ...
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Vertical Motion and Clouds
Drizzle occurs from,
Altosratus is,
Showers occur from
20  cards
Stability and Instability Of Atmosphere
Dalr 98 c elr 68 c atmosphere is,
Salr 55 c elr 45 c atmosphere is,
Dalr elr salr
20  cards
Optical Phenomena
Aurora australis occur in the,
Aurora australis called lights,
Aurora borealis occur in the
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When super cooled water drops and...,
The clouds whose tops extend well...,
The clouds whose tops do not exte...
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Ice Accretion
Hoar frost occurs on airframe in ...,
In clouds at temperatures below 0...,
Opaque rime ice is
20  cards
The condition necessary for the f...,
Hail is most likely to fall from ...,
Norwesters are
35  cards
Air masses Fronts and Western Disturbances
The airmass which originates at s...,
The airmass which originates over...,
If the advancing cold front is co...
30  cards
Jet Streams
The arbitrary lower limit of jet ...,
Jet stream has,
The vertical wind shear in a jet ...
25  cards
Clear Air Turbulence and Mountain Waves
For mountain waves to form there ...,
For mountain waves to form the wi...,
For mountain waves to form the wi...
10  cards
Tropical Systems
Wind speed in a tropical severe c...,
Fronts are characteristic of,
In a mature tropical cyclone the ...
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Climatology Of India
During winters,
Low temperatures and low humidity...,
The summer season period is
32  cards
General Circulation
The polewards moving air piles up...,
Occurs over subtropical high,
The occurrence of large deserts n...
15  cards
Meterological Services For Aviation
For non scheduled national flight...,
For non scheduled national flight...,
Wafs provides high quality en rou...
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Weather Radar And Met Satellites
0  cards
Met Instruments
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Station Model
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